Baoding sale 12 years 9 into a new five tons Liugong ZL50CN loader, used Komatsu excavator 56

Baoding sale 12 years 9 into a new five tons Liugong ZL50CN loader, used Komatsu excavator 56

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 5 tons Liugong loaders ZL50CN
Used: Used Brand: 5 tons Liugong loaders ZL50CN Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 30 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

5 tons Liugong loaders ZL50CN
The whole appearance intact, tires bucket intact, original paint, 90% new. Liugong homemade gearbox and drive axle, heavy work not done, the material has been used in the factory.
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity........ 5.6m3
Rated load....... 5000kg
Rated power........ 162kW
The quality of work........ 16500kg
The maximum breakout force (bucket) ...... 167kN
Maximum traction......... 160kN
Minimum turning radius:
The outside of the bucket......... 7720mm
The outside wheel........ 6750mm
Meet the burden of continuous high intensity conditions
1. heavy duty rigid structure with high rigidity steel beam structure using automatic welding robot, strong anti-overload, torsional factor.
2. Heavy-duty work equipment advanced technology work agency, uses an enhanced design, impact resistance, good stability, load capacity, after numerous tests a variety of adverse working conditions

3. stable and reliable transmission components known big modulus transmission components, torsional coefficient increased by 20%, longer life.
4. Use low cost custom made parts, quality control and reliable, 10 years of a mature market, parts purchasing, maintenance is very convenient assured.
Easy drive to improve efficiency
Simple, comfortable environment
5. The sealed cab, low noise, good dust effects.
6. professional brand luxury seats, multi-directional adjustable to meet the needs of driving comfort adjustment.
7. High-power air conditioning, a driver can quickly adjust cab temperature as needed.
8. The single rocker arm mechanism, the front with a nice view.
Professional heavy-duty design
9. Rigid frame thicker steel, a large skeleton structure, automatic welding robot, anti-load, anti-distortion, whole strong.
10. A large body lengthened wheelbase chassis, improve the smooth running of the machine and job increases operational safety, increase traction.
11. The heavy duty transmission big modulus transmission components, institutional anti-overload factor, fatigue resistance, long life, especially suitable for continuous high-intensity work environment construction.
12. The front and rear drive shafts reinforced with super large diameter shaft torsional capability, not easy to deformation under heavy load conditions, stable transfer of kinetic energy.
13. Enhanced working device effectively resist the heavy load impact and disperse stress.
14. bodies short cycle time high flow hydraulic system to improve the operation of each part reaction speed, reduce operation cycle time, work efficiency has improved significantly.
15. The boom hinge point sealing against dust and dust sealed bucket pins on the hinge points, extending pin bushing life and lower maintenance costs.
16. The cooling effect good cooling effect to improve work efficiency and service life of components, more stable overall performance for high temperature heat construction environment.
17. The hinged front frame maintenance space increases, very convenient part hinges maintenance, unique hinged sealing manner, is extremely advantageous effect of dust.