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Conveyor needle detector textile and garment toy factory needle detection machine wood plant probe nail metal detector needle detection machine

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2017 new needle detector market it!

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Anniversary feedback, special supply: JZ-168BC EC-automatic needle detector.

As we all know, we are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of testing equipments.We have set up scientific research, production and sales, and have formed quite brand effect in our country.Our products are sold in the whole country with very wide coverage, In the continuous upgrading of its quality has been recognized and favored customers, after-sales service has also been a great user's praise.

Recently, we are suitable for our customers the idea of ​​cheap consumer, carefully developed the introduction of the JZ-168BC type EC The new automatic transmission needle detector. This machine is characterized by:

(1), The appearance of light and beautiful. Frame texture produced by the angle iron, the wing used ABS Plastic products (hardness equivalent to aluminum shell);

(2), The quality of fully in line with international testing requirements.Circuit making all their own design, electric control box set up a simple internal, the control panel sensitivity display and count display asynchronously, eye-catching easy to operate. 12cm and 15 cm A high degree of detection standards to meet international testing standards: iron ball diameter 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm;

(3), The warranty period is long. This cheap machine is also based on the national industrial and mining products warranty: one year.

Good products to share! This machine, factory since 2Month 8From the official launch of a grand, in the Spring Festival during the feedback of the majority of users.

Our careful statement: Where to buy JZ-168BC type EC The new automatic transmission needle detector customers, in a month the machine fails and can not be used (except man-made damage), the factory will be given to replace the new machine.

Needle detector Features:
■ Hitachi digital circuits and the main parts of imports, high sensitivity, 12 cm height detection detection of 0.8 mm in diameter iron ball, nine tests do not undetected. With strong anti-jamming;
■ PVC shell, improve anti-jamming performance, light structure, easy to move;
■ Check the window height specifications, for customers to choose according to need;
■ fast delivery, suitable for assembly line operations. Ad hoc circuit protection, ten minutes without detection of automatic shutdown;
■ B (thin material) detection mode and C (finished) detection mode two kinds of detection;
■ environmental protection function, the machine is kind of no objects through their own shutdown.
■ With automatic reverse function for detecting defective products.
■ With a touch-sensitive operation panel, the sensitivity of 0-10 level precise adjustment.
■ can work for a long time, according to the correct use of broken needle detection rate of 100%.

Needle detector products use:
Detect broken needles and ferromagnetic fragments (garment toys) in sewn products.
Detection of food, drugs containing ferromagnetic impurities.
Detection of chemical raw materials, rubber, papermaking in the mixing of ferromagnetic substances.
Detection of non-ferrous substances, such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel can not be contained in the pin material (metal accessories button / zipper / trousers hook).

Needle detector related parameters:

Detection width

Detection of height

Testing standards

Conveying speed

power supply



Volume (L × W × H)

560 mm

150 mm

FeΦ ≧ 0.8 mm
FeΦ ≧ 1.0 mm
FeΦ ≧ 1.2 mm
FeΦ ≧ 1.5 mm

25M / min




160 kg

170 kg