Conveyor type needle machine textile toy factory Needle timber exploration nails metal detector Needle

Conveyor type needle machine textile toy factory Needle timber exploration nails metal detector Needle

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Superb
  • Model: JZ-168BC

2016 latest needle machine market it!

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Anniversary big back, offers: JZ-168BC EC type automatic conveyor type needle machine.

As we all know, we are a professional manufacturer of various testing equipment business. Her scientific research, production and sales, in the country has formed a considerable brand. Product sales coverage is very extensive in the country, well-known enterprises rising, its quality has been recognized by our customers and favor, service users has been great praise.

Recently, we have for our customers cheap for the consumer concept, introduced a well-developed JZ-168BC type EC The new automatic conveyor type needle machine features of this machine are:

(1), The appearance of light and beautiful. Texture frame using angle iron production, using the wing ABS Plastic Products (hardness equivalent to aluminum housing);

(2), The quality of full compliance with international testing requirements. All the production line to design, set up a simple electric control box inside, the sensitivity of the control panel display and count display asynchronously, eye-catching and easy to operate. Standard Machine 12cm and 15cm High testing standards to meet international testing standards: iron ball diameter 1.0mm and 1.2mm;

(3), So the same cheap long warranty period of the machine according to the national industrial product warranty provisions: one year.

Good product everyone to share! This machine, from factory 2January 8On the day of the grand launch, during the Spring Festival repay the majority of users. Please customers attention!

Our caution statement: Where to buy JZ-168BC type EC New customers automatic conveyor type needle machine, the machine failed within a month and do not use (other than man-made damage), the factory will be given to exchange new machine.

Needle Detector Features:
■ Japan Hitachi digital circuits and the main parts imports, high sensitivity detection of 12 cm diameter of 0.8 mm and a height detecting iron ball, missed nine tests do not have a strong anti-interference.;
■ using PVC housing, improve anti-jamming performance, structural lightweight, easy to move;
■ Check the height of the window specifications, available to customers as required arbitrarily selected;
■ conveying speed, applicable to pipeline operations ad hoc circuit protection, ten minutes without detecting the job automatically shut down.;
■ with B (thin material) detection mode and C (finished) detection mode two kinds of detection;
■ eco-friendly, the machine is very species of objects through their own shutdown.
■ has detected defective automatic reverse function.
■ using light touch control panel, the sensitivity of 0-10 grade precise adjustment.
■ can work long hours, according to the proper use of needle detection rate of 100%.

Needle machine Usage:
Probe needle and sewing products in ferromagnetic debris (clothes and toys).
Detection food, medicines containing ferromagnetic impurities.
Detection of chemical raw materials, rubber, paper in the mixed ferromagnetic substance.
Detection of non-ferrous materials, such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel contained in the not too Needle substance (Hardware accessories buttons / zip / Trousers hook).

Needle machine parameters:

Detection width

Detection height

Testing standards

Conveying speed

power supply



Volume (length × width × height)




25M / min