Guangxi sale 12 years 9 into a new five tons Long Engineering 855 loaders, Komatsu 200 excavator, cheap

Guangxi sale 12 years 9 into a new five tons Long Engineering 855 loaders, Komatsu 200 excavator, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 5 t Longgong 855 loader
Used: Used Brand: 5 tons Longgong 855 loader Origin: Fujian
Quantity: 30 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

The company has more than Longgong 855 loader, Year 07--12 years Condition 7-9.9 into the new, the original machine without modification, body in good condition, can be directly put into use after purchase, at reasonable prices

, A purchase of two or more, 10% discount.
Long working CDM855EK, 5-ton loader
CDM855EK main technical parameters
Standard bucket capacity (m3) 2.8
Rated load (Kg) 5000
Rated power (kW) 162
Machine operating mass (kg) 17000
Maximum traction force (kN) 155 ± 3
The maximum breakout force (kN) 170 ± 3
Maximum unloading height (mm) 3181
CDM855EK Wheel Loader is a high structural strength, high-profile, high security level of a single rocker and long wheelbase of the arrangement, the hinged design of large span heavy duty 5 tons loader

By the very strict European CE certification and Russian GOST certification, fully meet the European and American countries for loader performance, security and other high specification requirements, not only in the international market

Well received by the customer favorite, domestic sales also made remarkable achievements.
On the basis of the Lonking LG855K also has the following characteristics:
1, the country Ⅱ emission engine, powerful, lower fuel consumption, lower noise, lower failure rate.
2, working conditions for professional development of mine rock bucket, high strength and wide adaptability.
3, the large ratio of Lonking J series of dual variable system, traction increased by about 7 percent, the overall structure of reinforced F-type drive axle, the failure rate is very low, the key to double-varying systems and drive axle

Parts of bearings imported bearings.
4, hydraulic pilot system, easy and flexible operation, high efficiency, significantly reduce the operator's labor intensity.
5, gas control caliper disc parking brake system, with security protection device, good braking effect.
6, the working device limit sensor can avoid excessive operation of the driver, to reduce power consumption and improve operational efficiency.
7, the whole car with the high-grade, hoses with protective devices, life greatly improved, but also can effectively prevent UV damage.
8, a variety of safety devices: Anti-boom sink protection, parking triangle, reversing alarms, car fire extinguishers.
9, humane equipment: air seats with seat belts, air conditioning.