Wing On Sale September 12 into a new four tons Liugong 842 loader, used Hitachi 220 excavator, cheap

Wing On Sale September 12 into a new four tons Liugong 842 loader, used Hitachi 220 excavator, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Type: 4 tons Liugong 842 loaders
Used: Used Brand: 4 tons Liugong 842 loaders Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 10 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

The whole appearance intact, standard arm, standard bucket, new tires bucket intact, original paint, 90% new. Good performance. Not done heavy work four tons Liugong 842 loaders
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity......... 2.3m3
Rated load .... 4000kg
Rated speed...... 2200r / min
The quality of work...... 15840kg
The maximum breakout force (bucket) ...... 122kN
Maximum gradeability....... 30 °
Minimum turning radius:
The outside of the bucket...... 5580mm
Outside wheel ..... 6200mm
1. Production rate: semi-automatic power shift transmission, KD function, streamline operations; fast, three, maximum speed top four after 38km; single-lever hydraulic pilot operations, integration KD function, fast

Czech and efficient; integrated single lever control the shifting operation (with KD function) and hydraulic pilot control, fast and efficient; boom damping system, reduce the spilled material transport.
2. Economy: High electronically controlled engine fuel efficiency; engine and torque converter power matching is good; working hydraulic system with dual pump confluence, with automatic unloading function, reduce energy loss;

Increase engine intake air pre-cleaner and extend air filter replacement cycle.
3. Good machine reliability: safety factor working device and frame, high strength, torsional, can adapt to harsh working conditions; work means eight link translation better pass ratio higher.

The key components of the power transmission and hydraulic brake and other internationally renowned manufacturers supporting parts, quality is guaranteed.
The overall performance: the translation work means eight link better, higher transmission ratio; quick change device to achieve a variety of devices work easily switched.
5. Security: machine design in strict accordance with CE requirement; FOPS & ROPS certified cab through; emergency steering system.
6. Environment: emissions in line with EU STAGE III and EPA TIER III; pressurized sealed cab and low noise engine, reducing engine noise radiation and drivers ear noise.
7. good maneuverability, comfort: luxury cab, operating comfort, good vision, low noise; about double the brake pedal, both driving and working condition; heating and air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable operating ring

Ambient temperature; reasonable operating handle and steering wheel arrangement, easier operation using reversible fan motor cooling system, the operator can control the chair sitting in the driver motor reversing easy.

The operator controls the fan rotation repercussions promptly clean dust adsorbed on the surface of the radiator.
8. Maintain good performance: You can turn the power after lifting the whole hood, make maintenance easier.