Shijiazhuang sale 12 years 9 into a new three tons Liugong ZL30E loader, used Komatsu excavator 56

Shijiazhuang sale 12 years 9 into a new three tons Liugong ZL30E loader, used Komatsu excavator 56

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 3 tons Liugong loaders ZL30E
Used: Used Brand: three tons Liugong loaders ZL30E Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 30 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Three tons Liugong loaders ZL30E
The whole appearance intact, standard arm, standard bucket, new tires bucket intact, original paint, 90% new. Good performance. No heavy work done.
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity.......... 3.0m3
Rated load......... 3000kg
Rated power............ 92kW
The quality of work............ 10500kg
The maximum breakout force (bucket) ..... 92kN
Maximum traction.......... 100kN
Minimum turning radius:
The outside of the bucket............ 5676mm
Outside rear wheel............ 5044mm
Kennedy did not pull out tough reload configuration
1. The direct injection diesel engine, rated power, high reliability, good start.
2. designed with high-efficiency torque converter, the torque coefficient, together with the high reliability of transmission and drive axle, achieve greater traction and longer life.
3. Bucket lifting, unloading, down three jobs and only 9.0 seconds, an hour can do more earthwork.
4. Standard unloading height of 2911mm, can be done better work.
5. A variety of buckets and allow users to choose power, heating and air conditioning alternative, efficient productivity and a comfortable working environment.
Meet the burden of continuous high intensity conditions
6. High rigidity steel girder structure made of high strength materials, anti-overload, torsional factor.
7. The organization of the world's advanced technology, the use of enhanced design, impact resistance, good stability, load capacity, after numerous tests a variety of adverse working conditions.
8. Large modulus transmission components, torsional coefficient greatly improved, longer life.
9. Original of manufacture, quality control, stable and reliable, 10 years of a mature market, parts purchasing, maintenance is very convenient assured.