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Shark W1-SMC telescope high-definition night vision high-power double-cylinder adult portable children 8 / 10X42 mini mini

Shark W1-SMC telescope high-definition night vision high-power double-cylinder adult portable children 8 / 10X42 mini mini
Product code: 24010500030
Unit price 76.45-101.56$
Sold quantity 5664
Available stock 3453

Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: Yes
  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Brand: Sika / Asca
  • Item: W1 phase film series
  • The price range: 501-1000 yuan
  • made in China
  • Weight: 502g / 690g
  • Magnification Type: Fixed magnification
  • Maximum multiple: 5 times (inclusive) -10 times (including)
  • Style: double barrel
  • Use: Handheld
  • Function: Waterproof
  • Color classification: W1 smart 10X32SMC wide membrane (recommended) W1 smart 10X32 W1 smart 8X32 8X42SMC HD (military green) 10X42SMC HD 8X42 (comfortable) 8X42SMC HD 10X42 W1 smart 8X32SMC HD + solid phone clip (recommended) W1 smart 10X32SMC HD + Solid phone clip 8X42SMC HD black + solid phone folder W1 smart 8X32SMC wide membrane

Shark W1 is a classic, high-end telescope cost-effective model, mirror enthusiasts popular civilian price boutique, mirror lovers collection models, brand telescope very cheap phase mirror, at home and abroad have a higher reputation , But also foreign brands for skin care for the sale of high-end mirror mirror.

Because of the popular, eye-catching, many times has become a peer attack of the target, some of my dear counterparts use a variety of channels, but this does not change the mirror of excellent quality and high cost.

Treasurer language:

There are novice buyers asked, this telescope how so expensive? I am very innocent, I said very cheap ah, he said that people are more than a hundred, then I said there are dozens of pieces of the telescope or depends on the optical, The use of different optical systems and the use of different optical lens glass and coating differences will be great.We said this is very cheap is based on the telescope is now no festivals and web blowing atmosphere, this as 32 and 42 caliber nitrogen Waterproof roof mirror, all optical glass lens , Full-width green film and BAK4 prism phase film silver plated real. That to achieve this optical parameters, in the brand of the telescope this is very cheap!

If you do not understand the telescope, there is anxious, doubt, worry, then you can take a try, or put your tangled together to buy back, compare, for this effect is not satisfied, we give you the burden of return postage The

Kunming wins the optical as a very powerful large-scale telescope factory, more than 90% of products are exported to foreign brands OEM OEM, to the end of 2013 in the domestic market has a very high background, the domestic share is less than 10%. US tactical mugs OPMOD brand which is a shark W1 direct access to the brand, did not change the skin care.