Ningde sale 12 years 9 into a new three tons temporary workers LG936L loaders, used Yuchai 35 digging machine, cheap

Ningde sale 12 years 9 into a new three tons temporary workers LG936L loaders, used Yuchai 35 digging machine, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 3 tons temporary workers LG936L loaders
Used: Used Brand: three tons temporary workers LG936L loaders Origin: Shandong
Quantity: 30 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

3 tons Shandonglingong LG936L, wheel loaders
Parameter Parameter Value
Machine work quality 10700kg
Rated bucket capacity 1.8m3
Rated load 3t
Maximum traction ≥150kN
The maximum breakout force ≥96kN
Maximum gradeability 30 °
Maximum unloading height 2950mm
Unloading distance corresponding to 1050mm
Overall dimensions (L * W * H) 7100 * 2510 * 3170mm
1. Using Yuchai YC6B125-T10 diesel engine, strong power, high torque reserve, reliability and low fuel consumption, low noise performance; engine uses a large fan, wide blades.

Large tank, more suitable for coastal, high fever, high temperature operating environment conditions; optional equipment Weichai DEUTZ TD226B-61G15 engine according to user needs.
2. Single-stage twin-turbo four-element torque converter can make full use of engine power, increased torque, the machine has a large traction power shift using temporary workers 50

Planetary gearbox, compact structure, high transmission efficiency, speed and long service life.
3. The selection of performance, mature technology enhanced temporary workers drive axle, large capacity, high reliability; reasonable axle load distribution, better vehicle stability.
4. Using pilot single handle, large displacement pump work, lifting speed. Temporary workers standard dual seal hydraulic hose fittings, connecting pipeline design optimization, sealing

Good, high reliability.
5. With articulated frame, small turning radius, high levels of capacity; front and rear frame uses temporary workers dedicated box structure, the whole center of gravity distribution is reasonable, bearing capacity

Strong, good stability.
6. The new steel cab, according to the concept car is equipped with luxurious interiors, optimized air duct design, implementation before hair; air conditioning and heater external to improve the sealability

, Increasing the cab operating empty.
7. heightening hood, rear widening, maintenance more convenient.
8. The wire and sheath, with anti-retardant materials; optional high-performance maintenance-free battery, increasing the reliability and stability of the system; with a domestic high-grade electrical element

Pieces, reliable and durable.