Enough power 12V38AH lead acid battery Security | Access Solar Battery DC | UPS Backup Power

Enough power 12V38AH lead acid battery Security | Access Solar Battery DC | UPS Backup Power

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: power foot
  • Model: DL-QS12-38
  • Application object: suitable for lighting

"Voltage" 12V

"Capacitance" 38ah

The "weight" of 12.8kg

"Life" normal use 3-5

"Maintenance" maintenance-free

"Size" 197*165*175*180mm (length * width * height * height)

1) using a unique production process and special structure design, securing the battery and sealing.

2) maintenance-free: the unique gas recombination system to produce synthesis gas into water, adsorption fiber separator hours, life without compensation during electro-hydraulic.

3) low self-discharge: use good corrosion resistance special PB-CA alloy grids, a minimum self-discharge, 25 ℃ storage at room temperature, but within six months without recharging.

4) temperature:-10 ℃-40 ℃

5) installation: can be made according to the user's requirement, install horizontal drop.

6) long life design: corrosion-resistant structure of PB-CA alloy heavy plate guarantee floating battery life

UPS Power supply system , Standby power supply, electric toy car, Electronic scale Emergency power, emergency lights, Lawn lamps, Toy car parking lock, Access control systems, electric power systems Non-powered batteries.

1) installation, use and maintenance processes, not short-circuit the battery, not upside down, use insulated tools and wear insulated gloves to prevent electric shock and cause a short circuit.

2) batteries when exceptions occur, should be handled by professional staff or contact the manufacturer, forbidden removed for servicing.

3) products should be on a dedicated charging system charging charging system output DC voltage fluctuations should not exceed plus or minus one percent.

4) prohibit the use of gasoline, thinner and other organic solvents to clean the battery, otherwise it will damage the battery casing.

5) long high charge (charging) will shorten battery life; Low charging for a long time (not enough) can affect the work load or cause abnormal voltage. Charging constant voltage and limited current charger is recommended. Not parallel charging or shorten the battery life. First when the charger is charging (red) and negative (black) charging clamps clamps battery, do not reverse. After the charge, first turn off the power switch, and then take the battery clamp.


1) between the battery and battery and DC power connection between the convenient, corrosion, damage and, if necessary, repaired.

2) battery for damage, leakage and other anomalies and, if necessary, replaced.

3) charge voltage and capacity of the battery is in the normal range, battery charge and discharge cycle detection, if necessary.

4) battery near open flame or high temperature heat source, no direct exposure in the Sun; shall be placed in sealed containers, should be kept well ventilated.

5) expires if electrolyte drink skin, clothes, wash immediately with plenty of water, severe medical treatment right away.

6) batteries are brand new products. If high charge (charge), we recommend using a multimeter to test voltage is normal, why should the voltage 0, then why voltage, need professionals with high pressure gun is activated; If it is the rated voltage, the battery correctly, may be why Chargers or equipment affected by other reasons.

7) battery type size is too much. If you want a different size, please contact online customer service. Build quality and the lowest price, freight (courier company does not receive battery)

Irresistible human reason in the transport batteries may enable you to receive a slight leakage, this in order to work properly, do not affect battery performance and life. Only need to clean, the battery was again a day after use!