Fuding sale 12 years 9 into a new five tons temporary workers LG953 loader, used Hitachi 70 digging machine, cheap

Fuding sale 12 years 9 into a new five tons temporary workers LG953 loader, used Hitachi 70 digging machine, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: five tons temporary workers LG953 loaders
Used: Used Brand: five tons temporary workers LG953 loaders Origin: Shandong
Quantity: 30 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Lingong LG953 Loader
The new temporary workers LG953 more complex condition wheel loader, with efficient operational efficiency, and increased low-speed torque of the engine, transmission and hydraulic system to feed

Row reasonable match, fast speed, lifting short time, less than three and 9.5 seconds, the whole work cycle of less than 20 seconds, the operating efficiency of 10% higher than the industry average; with

Preparation of the strong operating performance, the hydraulic system operating pressure up to 18Mpa, rising ground force more than 16 tons, has a high boom lifting capacity, breakout force; space transportation

Smooth and flexible output, income bucket angle big bucket filled factor, bucket after bucket close to the boom close to the material transfer process rarely spilled, high stability, the

Spinel minimize the damage to the tires, while the rear wheel turning radius of only 6.2 meters outside the venue transport more flexible.
Parameter Parameter Value
The whole quality of work: 16600kg
Rated bucket capacity: 3.0m3
Rated load: 5000kg
The maximum breakout force: ≥160kN
Overall dimensions (L * W * H): 7753 * 3024 * 3423mm
Maximum traction ≥150kN
Maximum gradeability 29 °
Maximum unloading height 3050mm
Unloading distance corresponding to 1148mm
1. Weichai Steyr engine, powerful, high torque reserve, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance, standard dual-stage air filter for dust more

2. Using LG50 power shift planetary gearbox, compact, long life gear using new dampers to improve the damping effect.
3. The selection of performance, mature technology temporary workers 5-ton reinforced drive axle, large capacity, high reliability.
The whole structure of the finite element design, through the 200,000 times of fatigue intensified test, driving skills before and after using the plate structure, the whole center of gravity distribution is reasonable, bearing

Ability, high strength, good stability.
5. increase the engine hood, streamlined appearance, more engine space, easier to heat and maintain.
6. The use of rotatable hydraulic mailbox, maintenance more convenient.
7. optimized radiator structure, increasing the effective heat dissipation area, optimizing the entire cooling system into and out of duct design, effectively reduce the engine water temperature and hydraulic systems

Oil, improve the overall cooling efficiency.
8. sophisticated instruments operating systems, real-time monitoring