Shenyang sale 10 years into a new Long Engineering LG853D 7 loaders, used Liugong 20 forklifts, cheap

Shenyang sale 10 years into a new Long Engineering LG853D 7 loaders, used Liugong 20 forklifts, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: Long work LG853D loaders
Used: Used Brand: Long work LG853D loaders Origin: Fujian
Quantity: 10 Condition: 70% new Equipment location: Shanghai

Long working LG853D, 5-ton loader
LG853D (high discharge king) main technical parameters
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 4
Rated load (Kg) 5000
Rated power (kW) 154
Machine operating mass (kg) 16200
Maximum traction force (kN) 158
The maximum breakout force (kN) 148
Maximum unloading height (mm) 3550
LG853D 'high dumping king' wheel loader manufacturing core is the industry standard loader unloading height disposable enhance 450mm, unloading height of 3550mm, to lead a new industry

Benchmarking; more than 3 million in fuel-efficient 'is the core of the whole quality, energy efficient' Double Excellence is LG853D 'high discharge king' of Chinese infrastructure market and Chinese user

Ongoing commitment.
1, using Lonking Weichai Steyr WD10G210E24 dedicated low-speed diesel (1900r / min), a reasonable match for the torque converter, optimizing design, low fuel consumption, low noise

, Low wear, energy saving, powerful, efficient, energy saving, environmental protection (to meet the country Ⅱ emission).
2, dual braking system, the fourth generation afterburner diaphragm pump, front and rear axle brakes increase the protective cover, driving more safe and reliable.
3, United States Carlisle parking brake, easy to use, safe and reliable, fully meet the needs of parking and emergency braking.
4, advanced cooling system, cooling effect, can effectively reduce the oil temperature, improve the life of hydraulic components.
5, line simplification, reducing connection points, reducing the failure rate of the pipeline.
6, using well-known brands of hydraulic pumps, high efficiency, long service life.
7, LG853D (high discharge king) unloading height 3550mm, unloading height greatly improved, rated load remains at 5t. Lifting capacity from 6.9t raised to 7.5t.
8, strengthen the service performance, the hydraulic oil tank to be rotatable, cancel tapped oil filter, oil filter back with vertical layout.
9, bright and spacious cab, can meet the needs of the operating space.
10, the whole pin sleeve sealed dust-proof structure, to extend the service life, reduce maintenance costs.
11, Philips H4 bulb life doubled, and increased water plug.