Guiyang sale 12 years 9 into a new 1.8 tons Long Engineering LG818D loaders, Komatsu 240 excavator, cheap

Guiyang sale 12 years 9 into a new 1.8 tons Long Engineering LG818D loaders, Komatsu 240 excavator, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 1.8 tons Lonking loaders LG818D
Used: Used Brand: 1.8 tons Lonking loaders LG818D Origin: Fujian
Quantity: 30 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

1.8 t class loader Lonking LG818D
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 1.05
Rated load (Kg) 1800
Rated power (kW) 63
The whole operation quality (kg) 5600
Maximum traction force (kN) 53
The maximum breakout force (kN) 52
Maximum unloading height (mm) 2700

1, high-quality, industry-leading manufacturing equipment and processes is the most reliable quality guarantee;
2, optimization design, the main parts versatility;
3, the choice of hydraulic transmission and torque converter, power transmission is more reliable, more flexible early total;
4, large wheelbase, reasonable axle load distribution, traction and breakout force of, the whole form, good job stability;
5, liquid oil, hydraulic oil tank rational layout, hood side open, easy maintenance;
6, using low pressure wide base off-road tires, the rear axle can swing up and down around the center, so it has good off-road performance and traveling through performance, adapting to the travel and make the bumpy road

7, pin sleeve sealed structure, dust pollution, improve service life;
8, the use of articulated structure, small turning radius and flexible steering, using the narrow space operations;
9, using a single pump shunt system, energy saving, high efficiency;
10, frame structures using finite element analysis techniques, work force parts with enhanced structural rigidity and strength;
11, working device link mechanism to optimize the work means reduced working hours, improve overall operating efficiency;
12, equipped with high wear-resistant blades and improve the life of the bucket

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Reduce the financial pressure on customers.
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