Lanzhou sale 11 August into a new five tons temporary workers LG953N loader, used Hitachi 75 excavator, cheap

Lanzhou sale 11 August into a new five tons temporary workers LG953N loader, used Hitachi 75 excavator, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: five tons temporary workers LG953N loaders
Used: Used Brand: five tons temporary workers LG953N loaders Origin: Shandong
Quantity: 30 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

5 tons loader Lingong LG953N
Parameter Parameter Value
Bucket capacity 2.8m3
Rated load 5000kg
Maximum traction (engines) ≥160.0kN
Tipping load ≥100.0kN
The minimum bend radius (the outer rear wheel) 6201mm
Level by the radius (outside bucket) 6879mm
The maximum rise force ≥185kN
Maximum gradeability 29 °
1. Configure Ⅱ emission requirements in line with national energy-saving low-speed engines, efficient large to accommodate the torque converter, power systems, transmission and hydraulic systems were optimized horses

Distribution, use temporary workers a new generation of energy-saving technologies loaders, better integrated energy-saving effect.
2. Configure temporary workers planetary gearbox, a simple operation two front stalls. Configure the new enhanced temporary workers drive axle, and high reliability.
3. The cooling system optimization design, reduce engine temperature, hydraulic oil temperature and transmission oil temperature, improving the overall cooling efficiency and reduce the overall fuel consumption.
4. The full hydraulic load-sensing steering system, steering pump double pump, to achieve automatic flow control, further reducing fuel consumption. Optimize and improve the hydraulic lines seal

Structure, so that the sealing machine to further improve the reliability of the hydraulic system.
5. The use of digital stepping dashboard, advanced and reliable, the whole electrical centralized control, electrical parts layout man-machine, machine electrical system reliability.
6. Articulated reinforced box-type frame structure, steering angle, small turning radius, flexible, easy to work in narrow site; hinged tapered roller

Bearings and spherical plain bearings composite structure more suitable for harsh working conditions.
7. Work equipment optimized design, the bucket has automatic leveling function simplifies operation, reduces the labor intensity of the driver. Optimized design of the bucket, using projections based resistance

Surgeon steel mill plate, reducing the insertion resistance, improve wear resistance.
8. Optimization damping system, to provide a comfortable operating environment; new damped seat, better shock absorption performance, improved driver comfort streamline operations.

Type design, widened rear hood, handsome in appearance.
9. Low-voltage wide-base tires, with good off-road performance and traveling through performance, adapting to the travel and jobs on the bumpy road.
10. The new steel cab, vision; cab optimized layout, more room for maneuver; full coverage cab interior, sealing damping; Pre-control

Units, the former hair, optional air conditioning, to provide a comfortable environment.