Guizhou sell 10 August into a new three tons Long Engineering LG833B loaders, Komatsu 220 excavator, cheap

Guizhou sell 10 August into a new three tons Long Engineering LG833B loaders, Komatsu 220 excavator, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 3 tons loader Lonking LG833B
Used: Used Brand: 3 tons loader Lonking LG833B Origin: Fujian
Quantity: 30 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Long working LG833B, 3-ton loaders
LG833B main technical parameters
Standard bucket capacity (m3) 1.7
Rated load (Kg) 3000
Rated power (kW) 92
Machine operating mass (kg) 10500
Maximum traction force (kN) 96 ± 3
The maximum breakout force (kN) 101 ± 3
Maximum unloading height (mm) 3234
LG833B 'high dumping king' 27 wheel loaders were optimized through the entire mining overload test, the whole configuration is more outstanding, quality, more stable, more comfortable operation, and maintenance of the common parts significantly improved the efficiency of an Other branded products increase by 6.7%.
1, unloading height of 3.242 meters, the industry-leading level, perfectly in line with operational requirements, improve work efficiency.
2, a single pump shunt technology, and the use of high performance priority valve, configure D25 small diameter multi-valve, three and dropped to 9.8 seconds, the working efficiency of 6.7%.
3, using industry-leading long wheelbase of the layout design, lower operation cycle time, improve efficiency, and extend tire life.
4, Long Engineering homemade transmission using fixed shaft, power shift, using the grinding process, advanced processing equipment, powerful, stable and reliable quality.
5, Long Engineering homemade high quality drive axle, process design sophisticated, critical bearings, gears and other improvements, effectively reducing the failure rate of the front axle.
6, with a new tube piece radiator system, improve the thermal performance; and the heat sink from the adjustment to 3.6mm, to prevent clogging of the radiator, to improve the environmental adaptability.
7, with a new line layout, increasing the length of pipe, avoid the interference caused by wear line, while using the platen O-ring seal, greatly reducing leakage.
8, optimize the whole circuit system and waterproof plug, effectively protect the security of the whole job.
9, using the new joystick, beautiful and comfortable; the lever at the coupling sleeve bearings to reduce operating force.
10, the use of new high Lonking handbrake device, adjust handbrake height, increasing the driver's steering comfort, while improving fast and safety of emergency braking.
11, the discharge valve were led operation, user-friendly maintenance, and improve overall safety.