Liuzhou sell 10 August into a new six tons Liugong 862 loader, used Komatsu 70 digging machine, cheap

Liuzhou sell 10 August into a new six tons Liugong 862 loader, used Komatsu 70 digging machine, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 6 tons Liugong 862 loaders
Used: Used Brand: 6 tons Liugong 862 loaders Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 10 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

6 tons Liugong loaders CLG862
The whole appearance intact, standard arm, standard bucket, new tires bucket intact, original paint, 80% new. Good performance. No heavy work done
Operating mass: 19200kg
Rated power / speed: 179kw / 2200r / m
Bucket capacity range: 3.2-3.5
Rated load: 6000kg
Maximum traction: 171.3kN
The maximum breakout force: 198kN
Steering angle: ± 38 °
Rear axle swing angle: ± 12 °
Lifting time: ≤ 6.7s
Three closing time ≤ 12s
Climbing ability: 30 °
Minimum turning radius:
Outside of the bucket 6995 mm
Tire Size: 23.5-25-20R
5964 mm outer tire
Overall length: 8480
Machine width: 3010
Overall Height: 3467
Common unloading height: 3150
Uninstall METIC: 1200
Long unloading height:
Transport position close bucket angle: 49 °
By digging depth: 97
Driving speed:
4 stalls
Forward km / h36
Forward km / h23
The main parameters
Standard bucket capacity 3.5m3
Engine power 178kw
Quality of work 19200 ± 500kg
1. Dongfeng Cummins Engine power configuration, low noise, low fuel consumption, low pollution. Can adapt to various working conditions.
2. ZF dual variable transmission configuration, Liugong homemade wet drive axle can be configured to automatically shift, semi-automatic system with KD function, limited slip differential device configuration.
3. Using the steering priority flow amplification steering system and dual-pump confluence hydraulic system work, energy efficient.
4. The use of the hinged frame, maintenance-free bearings and seal pin double cone structure.
5. Optimize working device designed to provide large breakout force, lift force. Bucket bucket with high wear-resistant steel blade, life extension.
6. Configure vision, sealed, pressurized, noise-isolation spacious cab configuration heating and air conditioning. Adjustable steering wheel with the energy around, adjustable driver seat, can make all kinds of shape of the Secretary

Machine comfortable operation.
7. The device is configured pilot control, light effort, configuration Bucket automatic leveling device and boom lift limit.
8. Optional electronic weighing devices and centralized lubrication systems.