Shandong sale 11 years 9 into a new five tons Long Engineering LG855B loaders, Heli 1 ton electric forklift

Shandong sale 11 years 9 into a new five tons Long Engineering LG855B loaders, Heli 1 ton electric forklift

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 5 tons loader Lonking LG855B
Used: Used Brand: 5 tons loader Lonking LG855B Origin: Fujian
Quantity: 10 Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Long working LG855B, 5-ton loader
LG855B main technical parameters of rock king
Standard bucket capacity (m3) 2.8
Rated load (Kg) 5000
Rated power (kW) 162
Machine operating mass (kg) 16600
Maximum traction force (kN) 155
The maximum breakout force (kN) 170 ± 3
Maximum unloading height (mm) 3181
LG855B 'King of Rock' Lonking wheel loaders are mature products on the basis of LG855, a comprehensive improve the design of a new generation of single-arm, arranged on a long wheelbase, the hinge

Designed for big span 5-ton loader, with exclusive 'King of Rock' work equipment, it has strong stability, breakout force, power loss, high efficiency characteristics, can

Easy enough to face the challenges of a variety of adverse working conditions.
1, Long Engineering reload design made double change assembly, reinforced drive axle with a first-class imported processing equipment, key parts imported bearings, machine structure is more robust, job

More powerful.
2, the standard rock king strengthen buckets with side cutting edge and the secondary cutting edge, effectively enhance the machine's cutting into force, the whole operation more efficient.
3, the front and rear frames for the large span hinge design, the effective dispersion of the point, to extend the service life of the frame, increasing the space for maintenance.
4, the long wheelbase of the layout design, lower operation cycle time, longer tire life, the whole greater stability.
5, the scientific design of automatic leveling technology, streamline operations, reduce driver's labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
6, an additional brake fluid viewing port and oil filling standard, convenient always observe the brake fluid level, timely rehydration.
7, the front axle brakes additional protective cover, effectively prevent sand entering the brake caliper, brake disc prolong life.
8, the hydraulic system is equipped with a cooling device, effectively reduce the oil temperature, improve reliability and service life of hydraulic original.
9, with the oil system alarm devices, real-time monitoring of dual variable fluid oil temperature, to ensure the continued safe system of work.
10, standard backup alarm, alarm sound up to 105-110 decibels, the job safer.