Ningxia sell 11 August into a new three tons Liugong 835 loader, used Hitachi 200 excavator, cheap

Ningxia sell 11 August into a new three tons Liugong 835 loader, used Hitachi 200 excavator, cheap

Product description:

Type: Loading machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 3 tons Liugong 835 loaders
Used: Used Brand: three tons Liugong 835 loaders Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 10 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

The whole appearance intact, standard arm, standard bucket, new tires bucket intact, original paint, 90% new. Good performance. No heavy work done three tons Liugong 835 loaders
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity....... 3.0m3
Rated load....... 3000kg
Rated power....... 92kW
The quality of work...... 10900kg
The maximum breakout force...... 93.5kN
Maximum traction...... 100kN
Minimum turning radius:
The outside of the bucket....... 5676mm
The outside wheel....... 5140mm
Cutting-edge technology leader quality cast
1. hundreds of cutting-edge innovation, China's third-generation loader flag.
2. Built-in ROPS cab / FOPS system (ROPS / FOPS).
3. The structure and layout of a more robust, flexible, lightweight maneuverability and ease of maintenance.
The flat is equipped with electronically controlled bucket and boom lifting limit device.
5. Electronic surveillance sound and light alarm systems and fuel indicator.
6. A variety of buckets for the election.
Spacious, comfortable and safe driving space
7. Lots of space panoramic cab, dust, noise, heat insulation, shock absorption, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
8. The angle-adjustable steering.
9. International advanced manufacturing expertise, spring damping, compression molding quality sofa seat.
Proven rugged rigid structure
10. robust bucket with solid structure, all buckets are used to strengthen the rib structure design and manufacturing, in order to prevent the bucket bending distortion.
11. family buckets meet the needs of different materials and mining.
12. The outstanding Z-bar linkage mechanism.
13. The high strength and durability of the frame and boom
Effective decomposition hinge point to bear the load
14. The widening of the upper and lower hinge distance can effectively break down load from the horizontal or vertical direction.
15. distance increase hinged design, maintenance and repair space increases, the drive shaft is located above the lower hinge point, effectively prevent debris wound.