Xiamen sale 10 years 8 into a new Liugong 920D hydraulic excavator, used temporary workers 20 forklifts

Xiamen sale 10 years 8 into a new Liugong 920D hydraulic excavator, used temporary workers 20 forklifts

Product description:

Type: Mining Machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: Xiamen Used forklifts temporary workers 20, 10 years to sell 80% of the new Liugong 920D hydraulic excavators
Used: Used Brand: Liugong Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 30 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Liugong 920D hydraulic excavators
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity range.................................. 1.0m3
The whole weight................................... 20500kg
Rated power................................... 112kW

Liugong whole new generation of intelligent hydraulic excavator
Configuring Tier 2 / Tier 3 engine: to meet China, Europe, America and environmental requirements.
Higher reliability, longer service life.
Maintenance convenient, fast, minimizing downtime.
A variety of operating system available to meet the needs of different conditions.
Spacious, safe, comfortable cabin
Long operation not feel tired
Cab width 1008mm, one of the most spacious cab in the industry.
Cab work space work space in accordance with ISO standards.
Using injection molding process, plastic floor is more beautiful and durable.
The new shock absorber, even though the body has been shaking, it will not affect the comfort of the operator.
Using new air-conditioning duct, while increasing the duct diameter, reduce the drag at the same time to achieve faster and more uniform cooling effect.
Flexible and convenient operation
Pilot effortless operation, high sensitivity, can effectively reduce labor intensity.
Operating handle distribution reasonable, easily available and.
Pay attention to the safety of the cab design
Pay attention to the safety of the cab profiles skeleton structure, can be installed FOPS, splash device, effectively protect the operator safety.
Environmental low engine
High-quality engines, with high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low vibration, low exhaust emissions.
Mature, reliable, low consumption of negative flow control hydraulic system
Improve primary pump displacement, the machine work more efficiently.
Using the new master valve, improving overall handling.
Enhanced the lower mechanism
Stress analysis by computer, using box-beam and X-shaped structure, to form a lower high rigidity walking frame, reinforced chassis torsional strength under heavy load conditions.

Dispersion body stress; long, wide walking frame, the whole center of gravity and optimized to make the machine more stable when the job.
Rugged durability of the rotary platform
The main platform consists of T-beam structure to I-beam structure, and beam height increased from 268mm to 295mm.