Fuyang sell 10 August into a new Liugong 906D hydraulic excavator, used temporary workers 30 forklifts

Fuyang sell 10 August into a new Liugong 906D hydraulic excavator, used temporary workers 30 forklifts

Product description:

Type: Mining Machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: Liugong 906D hydraulic excavators
Used: Used Brand: Liugong 906D hydraulic excavators Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 30 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Liugong 906D hydraulic excavators
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity range....................................... 0.28m3
Machine weight ........................................ 5900kg
........................................ 37.4kW rated power

1. Liugong whole new generation of intelligent hydraulic excavator
2. Standard meet emissions standards in Europe and America the second phase of the Yanmar engine, powerful, reliable and durable

, Energy saving and environmental protection.
3. Using new hydraulic system, the whole operation better performance, greater digging force.
4. maintain efficient operating performance of the premise of improving fine job skills.
5. spacious, comfortable and secure operating environment. Long operation not feel tired
6. Maintenance convenient, minimizing downtime.
7. A variety of attachments available to meet the needs of different working conditions.
8. feedback machine information anytime, anywhere IT butler Liugong standard system, anti-theft, anti-sabotage.
9. The new and improved profile skeleton TOPS (rollover protection) cab, more robust security. And

The optional top Liugong special protection (TOP Guard) and the front fender (FRONT Guard) devices.
10. The microcomputer control, LCD display, automatic temperature control, air-conditioning system with a defrost function, sexual

We can be better; outlet mounted on the cab rear pillar, out of the wind and smooth, comfortable.
11. The larger cab interior space, greater import and export.
12. Layout throttle lever, start switch, buttons, pilot operated dozer handle more reasonable

And more convenient to manipulate the operator, reduce the work intensity.
13. The use of silicone oil shock absorber new technologies to improve the comfort of operation, more long mitigate operator

Time driving fatigue excavator.
World-class engine
14. equipped with imported water-cooled, inline four-cylinder, four-stroke engine Yanmar.
15. High reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, noise and vibration, low emission characteristics

16. The United States reached the second stage Tier2 off-road vehicle emission requirements.
Advanced technology imported hydraulic components
17. The use of high-quality hydraulic components, security systems good performance.
18. adopt pilot proportional control technology, control more precise.
19. The four-pump system, which can, mutual non-interference in the operation of the working device and walking, that operate

When work equipment can ensure the machine normal speed walking straight.