Chaohu sale 10 years into the new Liugong 904C 8 hydraulic excavator, used temporary workers 20 forklifts

Chaohu sale 10 years into the new Liugong 904C 8 hydraulic excavator, used temporary workers 20 forklifts

Product description:

Type: Mining Machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: Liugong 904C hydraulic excavator
Used: Used Brand: Liugong Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 20 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

10 annual hand and acquisitions. Original paint, body undamaged, bucket intact.
Performance parameters
Bucket capacity range.......... 0.30m3
The whole weight.......... 4000kg
Rated power.......... 27.1kW

A multi-function machine more flexible and efficient working mechanism for matching
1. dozer, auxiliary hydraulic piping is standard, while optional metal tracks, deflecting means, series bucket, hammer, quick-change devices and other work equipment.
2. wide operating range. Compact and flexible, good passing ability, work freely in a small space, it can be used to condition the construction of different conditions, such as municipal, gardens, farmland and water conservancy work.
3. Advanced and efficient hydraulic system. Comfortable and safe and convenient operating environment
4. Transparent cab, large windows, excellent visibility.
5. Large-capacity fluorine-free environment with air conditioning, full three-dimensional air.
6. The seat is equipped with a special engine mounting damping pads, can effectively reduce the vibration of the engine, while reducing noise and vibration generated.
7. The car is equipped with cassette players, more than idle it can also enjoy the fun of music.
8. Can sliding front window and skylight easy to observe the work environment focused on cab design security.
9. profiles skeleton structure, can be installed FOPS, splash devices, flexible and convenient operation effectively protect the personal safety of the operator.
10. The pilot handle effortless operation, high sensitivity, boom, bucket tiny motion control more accurate.
11. The various operating handle distribution is reasonable, humane design, easy accessibility.
Low consumption environmentally friendly engines
12. The use of high-quality engines, with high reliability, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low vibration, low emission, stageIIIA meet European emission standards.
Low consumption environmentally friendly engines
13. The use of high-quality hydraulic components, ensure overall good performance.
14. The pilot operated using technology to ensure the efficient operation overall.
15. The four-pump system, which can, mutual non-interference in the operation of the working device and walking, that when operating the machine work equipment can ensure the normal speed of walking a straight line.