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Yichun Used Liugong 50 forklifts, sold 10 years into the new Yuchai YC13-8 8 excavator

Yichun Used Liugong 50 forklifts, sold 10 years into the new Yuchai YC13-8 8 excavator
  • Yichun Used Liugong 50 forklifts, sold 10 years into the new Yuchai YC13-8 8 excavator
  • Yichun Used Liugong 50 forklifts, sold 10 years into the new Yuchai YC13-8 8 excavator
  • Yichun Used Liugong 50 forklifts, sold 10 years into the new Yuchai YC13-8 8 excavator
  • Yichun Used Liugong 50 forklifts, sold 10 years into the new Yuchai YC13-8 8 excavator
Product code: 24007400001
Unit price: 35000 CNY  (5084.26 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 160000KG Yellow
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Type: Mining Machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: Yuchai Excavators YC13-8
Used: Used Brand: Yuchai Origin: Guangxi
Quantity: 30 Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

Yuchai excavator YC13-8
Weight 1600 kg
Power 13.6 kw
Overall Length 3965mm
Total height 2245mm
Chassis width of 980mm
Track width 230mm
Track length 1405mm
Platform 1200mm radius of gyration
Wheelbase 1045mm
Ground clearance 213mm
Total height 1104mm boom ends
Width 990mm outer platform
Platform ground clearance 457mm
Hood height 400mm
Working pressure 16 MPa
The maximum digging force 11KN
Gradeability 58% (30 °)
Walking speed 2km / h
Maximum traction 11.58 KN
Platform rotation speed 10-12 rpm
A maximum digging height 2940mm
B Maximum unloading height 2013mm
C maximum digging depth of 1860mm
D Max digging radius 3490mm
D1 maximum ground level of excavation distance 3414mm
E maximum digging height 2409mm digging radius
F minimum turning radius 1529mm
G dozer bucket maximum depth of 167mm
H dozer maximum lift height 202mm
The maximum digging force 11KN

Performance parameters:
1. Selection trump power Yuchai engine power and well-known foreign Cummins diesel engine, powerful, high-torque
2. With a minimum turning radius, small size, high efficiency, low operating costs
3. imported travel motor assembly, by switching the two speed available to meet different conditions need
4. Advanced computer monitoring system and installation adjustable angle, the operation more humane

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