35 hydraulic excavators

35 hydraulic excavators

Product description:

Hello; we are spot excavator sales company in Shanghai, the company has annual sales of Yuchai mini excavators 13-18-20-35, 15-20-35 Kubota excavators, Carter 15 excavators, 20 Hitachi excavators, South Special 15-18 excavators, mini-excavators and other XCMG 18 200 units of various brands of excavators, mini-excavators with a hammer, excavators are the 2009-2014 ex-factory machinery, keeping the original excavator hydraulic system and engine, I believe Our mini-excavator is the cornerstone of your career success to the warm welcome all over the country there is a need to visit our company mini excavator user inspection test machine purchase, we will give you home delivery, sold large excavator 1 year warranty, 30 Japan has a quality fault free replacement, fair trade, not device fraud;

Second, fair competition, not shoddy;

Third, fair bid, not deliberately raise prices;

Fourth, a reasonable profit, not to deceive buyers outside the line;

Fifth, clear property rights, formal procedures, legal transactions;

Six, rest assured equipment, do not adjust hour meter, not assembled, not shoddy;

7, condition openness and transparency, do not hide the device in the past history, do not tamper with the original vehicle condition; National excavator sales calls; 13918585771 Lee, consulting QQ; 493117289. complaint telephone; 021-61553167.