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Komatsu excavator tire YC100

Komatsu excavator tire YC100
  • Komatsu excavator tire YC100
  • Komatsu excavator tire YC100
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YC100 tire excavator hydraulic components used internationally renowned brands of slewing gear, the pilot control valve.
• Fitting Fortune 500 EATON company's global top famous, applicable to all types of excavators harsh working conditions, seismic, anti-loose, with high reliability and long life unmatched worldwide.
• structural parts are made of high-quality domestic 16Mn steel, welding technology and international standards, greatly increasing the structural strength, to ensure traffic safety and construction. Vehicle shot blasting increases the adhesion of paint, delaying the components embroidered erosion, improve the member life.
• Computer Monitor the CPU to run a comprehensive monitoring of the entire vehicle, failure to timely alerts, and provides intelligent protection to start the machine.
• Radiator radiator aluminum multi-fin radiator, adopted vacuum brazing process, promote spoiler improve the heat transfer coefficient, small hydraulic through-flow resistance, even in the hot summer can be manipulated with ease.
• Walking Walking using leading mechanical transmission, with speed, suitable for long distance transfer, save transit costs, convenient maintenance.
• Steering hydraulic power steering, smooth operation, lightweight and flexible. Hello, we are digging machine sales company in Shanghai, Komatsu PC100 wheel excavator, working only 200 hours, the original inventory loom, now facing the country sales, Condition 90% new, PC100 excavator Komatsu tire sales price 200 000 Sales Hitachi 210 excavator tires, originally WCB loom units, good working short time performance, delivery across the country. MISS number is limited long-term spot sales of micro 13 digging machines, 18 20 digging machines digging machine, welcome free on-site test machine digging machine sales calls;. 13918585771 Lee, please visit;.. www hufengjixie cn / inquiry, the Advisory QQ; 493117289