Shengyuan outdoor tent Kit | Multiplayer 3-4 bunk camping camping double doors | Package | outfit

Shengyuan outdoor tent Kit | Multiplayer 3-4 bunk camping camping double doors | Package | outfit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Item: classic tent 3-4 people Package
  • Tent size: 3 -4 people
  • Tent structure: double account
  • Set up the situation: the need to build
  • Expand Size (L * W * H cm): 200 * 200 * 135
  • Adapt to the season: Four Seasons account
  • Time to market: Spring 2014
  • Tent spatial structure: one bedroom
  • Inner tent material: breathable sash silk
  • Debt bottom Material: Oxford cloth
  • Foreign account material: silver tape
  • Account waterproof outer index: 1500mm (including) -2000mm (free)
  • Debt bottom waterproof index: 1500mm (including) -2000mm (free)
  • Price range: more than 2,000 yuan
  • Stent strut diameter: 7.9
  • Bracket Material: FRP
  • Brand: Shengyuan
  • Color Classification: 3 sets of 10 Camping (sleeping bag spring and summer) 3 sets of 10 Camping (sleeping bags thicker section)

Outdoor camping three sets of 10 luxury equipment Content:

Classic 3-4 people camping tent 1

2 * 2.1 meters waterproof windproof mat 1

2 * 2 meters moisture pad 1

Cotton sleeping bags can be spliced ​​3

With pillow automatically inflatable cushion 3

Highlight energy saving lamps a tent

Package Description: Options button in sleeping bag Spring and summer and autumn and winter use , The difference is in the spring and summer sleeping bag with the suit is 1.3kg; the autumn and winter outfits sleeping bag is thicker 1.75kg of different thickness and price Oh!!

Tips: Baby due course in color and other options, please message to indicate the color of the baby needed to buy the package, does not indicate the color of random delivery.

3-4 people camping tent classic product information

Reminder: The following image is a single product with the effect of the picture, there is a package containing this moisture-proof pad, light, sleeping bags, inflatable cushions, mats, oh, please rest assured purchase!

Can be spliced ​​envelope sleeping bag (sleeping bag inside the package is thickening 1.75kg oh) product information

Inflatable cushion can be spliced ​​with pillow product information

model: SY-118 (dark blue) SY-116 (camouflage)
Product Size: 180 * 55 * 2.5CM (single person), package size about: 60 * 11CM
weight: About 870-900g
Colour: Dark blue, camouflage
Surface / primer 190T Disi composite PVC
The bag: Color homogeneous material with waterproof coating
sponge: High Resilience whole type
Overview: Larry nine with pillow automatically inflatable cushion

Pillow filling deflated using the method of Reference:

2 * 2.1 m mats product information

model: SY8140
Size (approximately): 210 * 200cm
Weight (approx.): 0.6kg
Colour: Dark green
Fabric: 210D gifted Li plastic
Be applicable: Suitable for tents at the bottom and moisture protection can also be used alone to make ground cloth canopy, anti-rain tarp
Precautions: Use a damp cloth to clean Do not scrub, and more waterproof oh

Highlight energy saving lamps Tents product information

Product Name: 24 LED lamp tent lights
Size (approximately): Diameter 13.5cm; thickness 1.5cm; packing size about: 22 * ​​17CM
Weight (approx.): 120g
Colour: as the picture shows
power supply: 4 AA batteries (buyers bring their own battery)
Features: A hook assembly for easy hanging in tent

LED lamp life of 100,000 hours, eliminating the trouble to replace the lamp

LED ultra-low power, 4 AA batteries can be used up to 30 hours

This is because the tent lights super energy consumption is very low, please do not use too much battery voltage, especially as rechargeable batteries, Nanfu batteries, you can use a smaller conventional battery voltage or the remote control, electric toys used batteries also can Oh!

2 * 2 m mats Products ↓

model: SY056
Size (approximately): 200 * 200 * 0.25CM; Package Size about: 48 * 14CM
Weight (approx.): 310g
Colour: Package multicolor random
Fabric: New Type XPE Material
Primer: Plated aluminum foil (moisture, abrasion)
Explanation: Plated aluminum moisture-proof pad, moisture, dust, water and disposable