Used Komatsu excavators query, used 200 Komatsu excavator price, Shanghai second-hand excavator market

Used Komatsu excavators query, used 200 Komatsu excavator price, Shanghai second-hand excavator market

Product description:

Brand: Komatsu Type: Mining Machinery Model: 200-8
Condition: 9 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

(Shanghai Used Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Shanghai Feng 13918585771), Shanghai HSBC Investment was founded in 1997, headquarters is located in Qingpu District, New Town Industrial Park. Since its inception, Shanghai Feng used construction machinery year to more than 50% growth rate in 2008, despite the financial crisis, Shanghai and Shanghai Feng still continues past growth, annual operating income of 13.745 billion yuan, representing an increase of 50.3 percent last year in the first half of 2009 operating income of 10.018 billion yuan, net profit 1.035 billion yuan, respectively, an increase of 17% and 41.7%, exceeding market expectations.
(1) Supply (Used excavator) Komatsu, Hitachi, Carter, Sumitomo, Kobelco, Kato, Hyundai, Daewoo, Yuchai, Sunward excavators and other models.
Machinery and equipment in various parts or components have certain features, such as transmitting motion, force or energy, to achieve a predetermined action, to maintain a certain geometry and so on: When the parts in the load (including mechanical loads, thermal loads, corrosion and integrated loss of functionality originally specified when under load, etc.) effect, known as failure *
A parts in three states - A 'is considered to be invalid: ① completely unable to work; ② not complete the required functions; 3 can not be reliably and safely continue to use these three conditions as a judgment whether or not the principle of mechanical failure. .
Failure means the failure of a single or a few more parts, mechanical failure or accident often contain invalid. Broadly speaking, faults and failures are consistent.
Mechanical failure and the use of mechanical parts are synchronized, it will eventually lead to mechanical failure of equipment failure. Failure of key components will bring catastrophic damage, causing huge losses to life and property.

Service Process: telephone consultation, an appointment to the company specific dates

Scene to see the goods: Introduction Model and Performance

Site test machine: the satisfaction of both parties agreed price

Set a good price: signed agreement and full payment

Negotiate an end: in the company to continue to provide after-sales service

Companies adhere to the 'integrity first, quality first, service first' principle based on the market, so that every customer to negotiate to buy the rest assured peace of mind to go with the Heart in Shanghai, Shanghai Feng company built around Shanghai five offices in all regions of the city, the service point of sale. mechanism of self-employed, and improve network and unique concept, the star service and value for money services throughout the product pre-sale, sale, sale and the whole process. We are willing to to first-class professionalism to provide you with the world's most advanced equipment, and provide you with the best service!

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