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60 Doosan excavator digging machine 60 parameters small price Shanghai second-hand excavator market

60 Doosan excavator digging machine 60 parameters small price Shanghai second-hand excavator market
  • 60 Doosan excavator digging machine 60 parameters small price Shanghai second-hand excavator market
Product code: 23997000001
Unit price: 135000 CNY  (19666.69 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Type: Mining Machinery Degree of automation: Automatic Model: 60-7
Brand: Doosan Quantity: 68 made in China
Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai

DX60 Doosan DX Series 6 tons little digging, mainly configured 4TNV94L Yanmar engine, rated at 54 kilowatts, 0.21 square bucket capacity. DX60 in the development with particular emphasis on the coordination of human-computer interaction, and can provide the most comfortable for the driver Indoor feeling. I have a spot Doosan excavator 60 more than 60 to choose from, all Doosan excavators original paint, original hydraulic system, machine condition is good, the machine is working, warmly welcomed the need for second-hand excavator Doosan user calls advice, we are talking about for you to answer excavator performance and price, the country home delivery sales calls;. 13918585771 Lee, please visit;.. www hufengjixie cn / browse.

specification performance engine Hydraulic system Oil Capacity Body size Operating range
Operating Weight (kg): 5700
Bucket Capacity (square): 0.21
Boom Length (mm): 3000
Stick Length (mm): 1600
place of origin: |
Swing speed (rpm): 9.5
Rotary torque (kN • m): |
Walking speed (Km / h): 2.5/4.1
Gradeability (%): 78/30 degrees
Ground Pressure (Kpa): |
Bucket digging force (kN): 44
Stick digging force (kN): 29
Maximum traction force (kN): 58
engine model: Yanmar YANMAR 4TNV94L
Rated Power (Kw / rpm): 54/2200
Maximum torque (N.m / rpm): 20-22/1100
Displacement (L): |
Number of cylinders: |
Bore * Stroke (mm * mm): |
cooling method: Water-cooled
Forms of work: |
The main pump type: |
Main relief pressure (Mpa): |
Main pump maximum flow rate (L / min): 60.5*2+36
Walking hydraulic motor type: |
Rotating hydraulic motor type: |
Working hydraulic circuit (Mpa): 21.6
Walking hydraulic circuit (Mpa): 21.6
Rotary hydraulic circuit (Mpa): |
Control hydraulic circuit (Mpa): |
Pilot circuit (MPa): |
The pilot pump flow rate (L / min): |
Boom Cylinder - Number * Bore * Stroke (mm): |
Stick Cylinder - Number * Bore * Stroke (mm): |
Bucket cylinder - Number * Bore * Stroke (mm): |
Hydraulic Breakers pipeline is standard: It is
Fuel tank (L): 115
Hydraulic Tank (L): |
Hydraulic system (L): |
Replace engine oil quantity (L): |
Coolant (L): |
Theoretical consumption: |
Transport total length (mm): 5850
Transport total width (mm): 2000
Total transport height (mm): 2580
Cab full height (mm): 2580
The vehicle width (mm): |
Weight ground clearance (mm): |
Length of track on ground (mm): |
Track total length (mm): |
Track shoe width (mm): |
Track overall width (mm): |
Track gauge (mm): |
Minimum ground clearance (mm): 400
The minimum radius of gyration front working device (mm): |
The rear end rotation radius (mm): 1650
Maximum digging radius (mm): 6150
Stop face maximum digging radius (mm): |
Maximum digging depth (mm): 3820
Maximum digging height (mm): 5780
Maximum unloading height (mm): 4060
Maximum vertical digging depth (mm): |
Maximum digging depth (2.5 m horizontal) (mm): |
Boom rotation angle (left / right) (°): |
Bulldozing plate width * height (mm): 2000*350
Bulldozing plate lift or push deep (mm): |