Celebrate the National Day, the new six tons forklift, 3 tons forklift ultra-low prices

Celebrate the National Day, the new six tons forklift, 3 tons forklift ultra-low prices

Product description:

Brand: Heli Type: shoveling transport machinery Model: 6 t
Condition: New Equipment location: Qingpu District

Used 3 tons forklift, used 3.5 tons forklift, used three tons forklift, Shanghai and Shanghai Used Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Feng Li 13,918,585,771.

The company sells and leases new 1-10 ton forklift truck, while a large number of imported and domestic used forklifts for sale: 1-10 tons of diesel forklift, 1-3 ton electric fork

Car Used forklift, used forklifts and other electric battery specifications, multi-model used forklift year round with more than one hundred cash used forklift for customers to choose reasonable prices.

Quality guaranteed. Large size of our company, engaged in the forklift industry more than 20 years, specializing in trucks, forklifts for sale, forklift parts, forklift rental. Specializes in forklift difficult problems row

In addition, the hydraulic system of professional and technical personnel, our company used forklifts sold quality tracking, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to buy used forklifts customer quality Free

Fee warranty for six months, are not satisfied can be swapped within three months. Other customers in our large machine perform warranty. In my company as much as possible for the customer, empathy

In principle, the company's reputation, quality and efficiency to a new height
Supply of domestic and imported second-hand forklifts:

1. (one ton) force used forklifts, Shanghai, Hangzhou production: there are 2002 -20,010 produce 1-1.5 tons (full hydraulic) diesel and gasoline vehicles, electric vehicles and other high mast extension 3!

-6 Meters small turning radius!

2. (two tons) have 2003! - 2010 with an annual output of force, Hangzhou, Jingjiang 2 tons (485 and 490 disposed engines and Isuzu engine) diesel vehicles, electric vehicles and other standards

Configure! Have autopilot and manually file two kinds.

3. There 2005--2010 annual synergies and Hangzhou 2.5 tons (with Isuzu and 485,490 engines, hydraulic) is configured with the cylinder.!

4. (three tons) have 2005--2009 annual synergies, Hangzhou, Dalian, 3 tons (Isuzu engine, BP490 engine, with the cylinder lateral, you can enter the container up the goods

! Full hydraulic, no overhaul)

5. (four tons) have 2004--2009 years together four tons, 495 engine gears manually.!

8. (five tons) 2005 from - 2010 vintage synergies and Suzhou 5 tons forklift (configured with Dongfanghong 4105 engine and six-cylinder engine, automatic gear fork extension.!)

9. (six tons) have together, Dalian, Xiamen production of 6 tons, seven tons, eight tons, 10 tons, 14 tons truck!

Please call to make an appointment to safeguard the interests of the majority of new and old customers come before me! I have maintenance, leasing, old and new replacement, recycling and other business!