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Hand information 'Used Shantui 160 bulldozers market dry / used bulldozers price Shantui SD16

Hand information 'Used Shantui 160 bulldozers market dry / used bulldozers price Shantui SD16
  • Hand information 'Used Shantui 160 bulldozers market dry / used bulldozers price Shantui SD16
Product code: 23995400001
Unit price: 150000 CNY  (21771.95 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
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Brand: Shantui Type: shoveling transport machinery Model: SD16
Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Shanghai Quantity: 29

Since the 'second-hand information' Used Shantui 160 bulldozers market dry / MONGOLIA Used Shantui bulldozer price (Shanghai and Shanghai Feng used construction machinery (13918585771)) the company since its inception in 1998, has been outstanding quality, integrity and operational by the majority of new old customers, in order to ensure the quality of products, the company specially invited a large number of technical and maintenance personnel, for each machine are strictly Gatekeeper and testing to ensure that the mechanical properties. In order to improve the company's service reputation, our Maintenance personnel also provide you with on-site professional technical guidance. Our company is the largest town in Shanghai, roads, bridges construction units. The company occupies about 30,000 square meters. There are a lot of idle limit of old machinery for sale. scale, In China more credibility and visibility, and have all kinds of professional and technical maintenance staff! Since its inception adhere to the quality first, service first, reputation first for the purpose of serving the majority of enterprises and institutions, the community and other foreign-funded enterprises . I believe that through the unremitting efforts of all our staff, will win the community's support and trust. do everything, sincere dedication is our entrepreneurial spirit. In the customer-oriented business purposes, the company offers various types of Used construction equipment: Used truck crane,, used crane, used roller, used loaders, used bulldozers, used forklifts, used excavators, etc. for you to choose us confidently with the new and old customers sincere cooperation for the development of nation-building. contribute. We will be 'business integrity, quality-three technical guidance, the credibility of the first' principle of service to every customer been really feel comfortable buying.

Our annual operating used construction equipment mainly engaged in the following varieties:

1: 1-42 tons of used electric and internal combustion forklifts, brand: Heli, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Dalian, Jingjiang calendar Xiamen Fu JAC Komatsu and other brands of imported and domestic truck;

2: 5-150 Used truck crane, brand: XCMG Puyuan Tyan Bengbu Yangtze KATO Tadano force Bohai Haier brand truck crane and mobile crane with a card;

3: Used various models of loaders, brand: Chang Lin, XCMG Liugong Longgong summer and imports of small Song Kate Kawasaki loaders;

4: Used various models of bulldozers, brand: Shantui Xuanhua Shanghai Oriental redshift mountain and small Song Kate bulldozers and other brands;

5: Used tonnage roller, brand: XCMG Liugong Longgong Luoyang Shanghai Jiang Yin Sanming series of rollers and other brands;

6: Used models of excavators, brand: Hitachi Sumitomo Little Song Kate Modern Kobelco excavators brands such series;

7: Used 5-150 tons of electric and internal combustion engine crawler cranes, brand: Kobelco Hitachi Sumitomo force liebherr Xugong, Pu source other brands of crawler cranes

8: used graders, brand: small 松卡特 Heavenly Xugong Chang Lin and other brands of motor grader Used mixing machine, folder on the machine, port cranes and other used equipment

Here are the details used (XCMG Changlin Luoyang Sanming Liugong Lonking) Rollers latest price

20 tons roller almost new price is 190,020 tons roller gently Price 160,020 tons roller Qi Chengxin price 140,000

18 tons roller almost new price is 170,018 tons roller gently Price 140,018 tons roller Qi Chengxin price 120,000

16 tons roller almost new price is 150,016 tons roller gently Price 120,016 tons roller Qi Chengxin price 100,000

14 tons roller almost new price is 130,014 tons roller gently Price 100,008 tons roller Qi Chengxin price 140,000

10 tons roller almost new price is 110,008 tons roller gently Price 160,006 tons roller Qi Chengxin price 140,000

Static roller 12-15 tonnes HIP 45000 almost new price roller 12-15 tonnes gently used price 40000

Static roller 12-15 tonnes Qi Chengxin price 38000

Static roller 18-21 tonnes HIP 92000 almost new price roller 18-21 tonnes gently used price 86000

Static roller 18-21 tonnes Qi Chengxin price 38000

Dongfanghong 14 tons roller almost new price 70,000 Dongfanghong 14 tons roller gently used price 60000 Dongfanghong 14 tons roller Qi Chengxin price 50000

Service Process: telephone consultation, an appointment to the company specific date, Tel; 13918585771. website; www.hufengjixie.cn/

Scene to see the goods: Introduction Model and Performance

Site test machine: the satisfaction of both parties agreed price

Set a good price: signed agreement and full payment

Negotiate an end: in the company to continue to provide after-sales service, delivery, 1 year warranty, the company website; www.hufengjixie.cn/