Yuchai Excavators parameters YC20-8 sale price

Yuchai Excavators parameters YC20-8 sale price

Product description:

Our stock sale Yuchai 20-8 excavators, original painting in 2010 to 2013 are available from stock, the machine operating time ranging from a few hundred to 2000 hours, the original hydraulic system, the procedure is complete machine performance is very good condition, sold from 2008 to 2013 Minimum Yuchai 13 excavators, with more than 80 models of excavators spot for you live test machine selection, standard bucket capacity (m3): 0.565
Key Features
Swing speed (rpm): 10-12 walking speed (high speed / low speed) (Km / h): 2.5
Ground pressure (kg / cm2 (kpa)): 31 Climbing ability (° /%): 58 °
Bucket digging force (kN): 11.5 stick digging force (kN): 11.5
Operating Weight (Kg): 2100
Rated speed (r / min): 20 Rated Power (KW): 2200
Hydraulic system
The main relief valve set pressure (Mpa): 16
Scope of work
Maximum digging radius (mm): 4270 Maximum digging depth (mm): 2620
Maximum unloading height (mm): 2250 Maximum digging height (mm): 3740
Digging machine size
Full-length (mm): 4080 Full Width (mm): 1270
Overall height (mm): 2330 Track Length (mm): 1631
Standard Shoe width (mm): 250 swivel radius (mm): 1860, more than 20-8 Yuchai excavator detailed parameters, we hope that the parameters, help you to buy excavator excavator sales calls. ; 13918585771 Lee, please visit;.. www hufengjixie cn / inquiry, the Advisory QQ;. 493117289 Sales Consultant.