Used TCM3 t 5 t 7 t 8 t 10 t forklift transfer, Shanghai Feng Jie supply TCM Forklift

Used TCM3 t 5 t 7 t 8 t 10 t forklift transfer, Shanghai Feng Jie supply TCM Forklift

Product description:

Brand: TCM Type: road machinery Model: 10 tons
Condition: 8 into a new Equipment location: Qingpu District

Contact: Li Bao

Tel: 021-61553167

Mobile phone: 13918585771

Consulting qq: 493 117 289
The company's business scope: repair, sales of second-hand vehicles less

Forklift: 1-42 tons of diesel forklift, container forklift, clamp hold forklift, stacker, stacker 1-3 ton electric forklift truck, brand: Hangzhou, together, Suzhou, Dalian, Jingjiang, Xiamen, TCM, Toyota, Komatsu Linde forklift trucks and other models.

Loader: ZL10-ZL50 loader, brand: Ha workers, Liugong, Xugong, should work, long work, often Lin, Changling Carter (Caterpillar):. CAT910, CAT920, CAT930, CAT950B / E / F, CAT966C / D / E / F, 980B / C / F, etc.

Kawasaki (Kawazaki): 6570758085Z etc.

Komatsu (Kumatsu): WA300, WA350, WA400, WA450, etc.

Truck Crane: 8-50 tons crane, brand: XCMG, Pu Yuan, the Yangtze River, north, Tai'an, Kato, Tadano, etc. 20-100 tons Teng (KATO) / Tadano (TADANO) crane, 50. Hang heavy crawler tons, 15-32 tons Shanghai / Fushun crawler.

Rollers: 8-20-ton static, vibration roller, brand: XCMG, Luoyang, Shanghai, Changling, Xiamen Engineering and so on.

Crawler: 15-150 tons of imported domestic crawler cranes, brand: Kobelco, Sumitomo, Hitachi, Ishikawajima, Fushun, XCMG, Hang weight and so on.

Grader: 160,180 and other graders, brand: Tianjin, Changling, Xugong, Komatsu, Carter et Carter (Caterpillar):. 12G, 14G, 16G, 120G, 140G, 160G, etc.

Excavator: domestic and imported excavators, brand: Hitachi, Komatsu, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Carter, co mine, your mine and so on.

Terminal hanging: imports, domestic terminal cranes, brand: Port Machinery, Wuxi, river, etc.

Bulldozers: Xuanhua Pengpu XCMG Heavenly Luoyang 120,140,220 ........

Komatsu (Kumatsu): D155-1 / -2, D355-1 / -2, D375 and so on.

Carter (Caterpillar): D6H / L, D8L / M / N / R, D9H / L / M / N / R, D10N / R, D11N / R and so on.

Service Process: telephone consultation, an appointment to the company specific dates

Scene to see the goods: Introduction Model and Performance

Site test machine: the satisfaction of both parties agreed price

Set a good price: signed agreement and full payment

Negotiate an end: in the company to continue to provide after-sales service