Woven bags, container bags, tons of bags, FIBC

Woven bags, container bags, tons of bags, FIBC

Product description:

Types of: Square Container Volume: Arbitrarily
size: Arbitrarily material: plastic
Custom processing : It is shape: Square

I produced all kinds of container bags, complete specifications, and diverse cooperation.

The main specifications are : a square 86x86 cm 90x90 cm 100x100 cm, height arbitrary order; circular diameter of 90 cm 110 cm 115 cm, height arbitrary order.

There were two straps, with four straps style, up and down the small feed mouth, the next big small spout type, the next big flat, flat on the small variety. Also produce a variety of special products, such as cone-shaped mouth, under an open center, and various styles of profiled products .

Any combination of style, safety to be ordered, fully meet different customers, different venues, load needs of different products .

Our products are exported to Japan, South Korea and other markets, large price, welcomed the talks.

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