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Self-defense weapons solid wooden baseball sticks | automotive thick-walled baseball bat hardwood baseball bat

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Brand: jumping
  • Color classification: 52 centimeters 62 centimeters 72 centimeters 82 centimeters
  • Item: wooden baseball bat
  • Material: wood

Name: baseball bat

Specifications: Length: 52CM, 62CM, 72CM, 82cm (error of less than 3 cm)

Material: solid Zamu

Stick body: a whole lathe processing feel good surface smooth

We guarantee is absolutely pure solid wood baseball bat (not stitching) (wood color)

Scope: competition, training, fitness, car owners self-defense.

100%In-kind shooting pictures and in-kind there is a color difference is allowed to have 1-4cm error, please prevail in kind to wish a happy shopping