Cape of MC metal circular sawing machine series

Cape of MC metal circular sawing machine series

Product description:

• The machine is compact and rugged construction, low noise, no dust pollution
• choose a variety of cutting -sectional needed precise angle, cut no glitches, flanging and other defects
• HSS sheet repair after tooth wear can continue to use low- cost supplies
• manual, pneumatic, hydraulic three operating models to choose from
• MC275AC, MC315AC automatic feed, automatic clamping device, smooth operation, lightweight and efficient.
• tangent, miter freely, precise angle .
• cooling system makes the machine long run, extending blade life .
• hydraulic system pressure, clamping pressure setting are displayed, ensure that the folder is not deformed thin-walled tube .
• MC350-O type vertical chute feed, hydraulic drive, smooth operation, lightweight.
Note: For security cover, optional .
Technical Parameters

model MC275 MC315 MC315
Cutting capacityΦ80 90 ° tangent 45 ° chamfer
75*75Φ110 Φ85


38*50 Φ 45 Φ35
Clamp largest open file 85mm 40mm30
The main motor 4/2 pole-changing 1.8 / 2.4kw 4/2 pole-changing 2.4 / 2.4kw
Blade suitable size250/275250/272/300/315