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LED TV -50'

LED TV -50'
  • LED TV -50'
Product code: 23974700001
Unit price: 4000-4100 CNY
Reference price: 582.34-596.9 USD
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Panel size: 50
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Resolution 1920x1080
Viewing angle: 180 degree rotation diplay
Response time: 2ms
1, picture quality
(1) LED splendid light
LED splendid light changes color pure traditional CCFL Backlight, color gamut of low coverage of missing
Depression, more natural in color, color gamut coverage up to 105%.
(2) health-full screen
Built-in dual core digital processing chips of wisdom, according to input signal of environmental brightness and image brightness
By controlling the LCD backlight brightness and compensation of chip treatment to increase LCD TV picture quality. The traditional LCD TV too bright glare, picture layers such as fatally flawed.
(3) third-generation six-color (abbreviated)
(4) 10bit color technique (omitted)
2, sound quality
(1) built-in 2.1 channel digital audio
2.1-channel digital amplifier based on embedded system, through the sub woofer output unit with left and right channel sound
Unparalleled combination of bass in high school.
(2) the SRS TSXT surround (abbreviated)
3, compatible with Blu-ray
Realization of h. 264 video resources such as decoding and playback of streaming media solutions
Programme, with HD (1080P), high-speed (480Mbps), decoding (H. 264 and VC1) advantage is compatible with Blu-ray.
4, music albums, music show photos
Realization of music, images, TXT text should be a personalized portfolio, editing features such as player.
5, connection: VGA interface AV video PC HDMI interface audio interface USB support TV network, Wireless Wifi
Accessories: receipt of base remote control manual warranty card power cable