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NFA Newforks Car Battery Charger 12V Lead Acid Battery Charger 8A |

NFA Newforks Car Battery Charger 12V Lead Acid Battery Charger 8A |
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  • Brand: NFA
  • Model: 6812N

Written on the front:

Today, as usual, open the computer to check customer evaluation and problems encountered, suddenly an evaluation attracted my attention, the customer to buy our products for the fifth time! See this evaluation I was moved, and more determined for the Customers bring high-quality products of determination!

In order to solve all the concerns of small partners I would like to briefly introduce this charger, if you have any questions please consult our professional customer service staff!

1. When do I need to use this charger?

The use of car electrical appliances frequently today, to the car battery charge, not only in the case of battery loss of electricity before use, and maintenance of the battery, is another of its major functions.We all know that the summer to open air conditioning, to use Car refrigerator, air purifier and the like, the battery power consumption will be very fast, if not often use the car, or long-term open short-term, rely on the car to start a natural charge, still can not quickly add the battery power has been in half loss Electric state.Many riders are always complaining about their batteries more than a year on the waste, while others can use the battery for three years and five years, so buy a professional battery charger is necessary!

2. What are the characteristics of this charger?

This charger is a new intelligent three-stage charging mode: constant current, constant voltage, low current floating charge, not on the market cheaper constant voltage charger can be compared! Battery automatically stops charging work. The design of the turbine, the operating temperature is high, the fan automatically activated, very user-friendly design. Excellent product quality, old brand, trusted! Because we have to focus, so professional services.