Fackel Eps Machine With High Quality

Fackel Eps Machine With High Quality

Product description:

Company Introduction:

Fackel Machinery (Fujian) Company Limited is the global foam machinery specialist which is a Hong Kong Investment company, founded in 1983. Our factory is located in Quanzhou, which is a lively coastal city in China. With successful strategy and management, and deep cognition of the foam machinery industry, Fackel Machinery dedicates in high-tech foam plants production, and becomes a specialist of the EPS foam machinery industry.

Main Features:

eps machine in our company is good quality and sold at a reasonable price. we have cooperated with TOSHIBA Corporation and other companies. It has features as follows;

-Proportional regulating valve of pressurized filling system assures even density distribution of the finished products;

-PLC remote control system;

-Data memory card is convenient for production management;

-Parameters record printer;

-Electro magnetic water level sensor assures Constant steady cooling water pressure;

-Central material conveying system;

-Low energy comsumption & low pressure moulding technology;

-High efficient vacuum condensating system ensures low moisture content;

-Special designed large surface oil tank can maintain low oil temperature and extend the oil shelf life;

-Hydraulic fast react return flow design avoids vibration when mould opening;

-External high-low pressure & pressure guages are convenient for hydraulic cylinder daily maintenance;

-German design electro pressure regulating guage avoids pipeline return pressure, guarantees optimal fusion quality.