Herringbone, pit face conveyor belt

Herringbone, pit face conveyor belt

Product description:

Applicable to 0-45 degrees obiquity, bulk material, bag, pjrevent
from, improve the transmission capacity.

Using high tensile strength, elongation, anti-bending, adhesive and the good performance of skeleton materials (such as polyester soak glue, EP canvas, wire core)

According to the pattern of curing process is divided into:
1, Time molding vulcanization: formed between the whole and base structure, strengthened the core layer and cover plastic adhesion, With the process of not dropping pattern, long service life.
2, Two vulcanization: low temperature vulcanization using baseband and pattern, avoid aging baseband because many high temperature vulcanization, ensure that the adhesive strength between baseband and pattern.

1, Man word character pattern, the pattern and decorative pattern, the fishbone patten, the V word patten, cylindrical pattern, etc.
2, Pattern shape, height, spacing can be separately designed according to user, s requirements.

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