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A variety of performance conveyor belt

A variety of performance conveyor belt
  • A variety of performance conveyor belt
  • A variety of performance conveyor belt
  • A variety of performance conveyor belt
  • A variety of performance conveyor belt
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Unit price: 12-15 CNY
Reference price: 1.75-2.18 USD
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General conveyor belt

General conveyor belt of a multilayer rubber cotton (cotton) canvas bonded together, top to bottom covered with plastic cover for conveying small, granular, powdery material according to the performance of plastic cover can be divided into heavy, ordinary type, light Prices generally 10 yuan -18 / m

Nylon (NN, EP) canvas belt

Uses: Suitable for long distance and high capacity, high speed, under the impact of large, heavy wear conditions transportation of materials, such as coal, ore, stone, or to items and so on.

Features: with elastic, impact resistance; high adhesive strength with body resistance, scratch music; into a good groove; compared with cotton canvas, high strength, with a thin body, light weight; resistance to heat, corrosion resistance; Resistance wear, long life.

Steel cord conveyor belt

Structure: evenly by a longitudinal left and right twist interactive galvanized wire rope and adhesive properties with excellent core gum core, the bottom portion covered with a rubber layer to form a band member.

Features: tensile strength, long life, small elongation, into a good groove, flex resistance, suitable for long-distance, large-volume, high-speed delivery of materials.

Uses: It can be widely used in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electric power and chemical industry.

PVC fabric whole flame retardant conveyor belt

Uses: for coal mine and other requirements retardant antistatic conveying materials

Cotton canvas high temperature, heat-resistant conveyor belt

For conveying sintered products, cement clinker and various high-temperature powder materials of metallurgy, coke, construction materials and foundry industry.

Heat resistance, wear resistance; at the design temperature, good use effect

Acid and alkali conveyor belt

Acid and alkali conveyor belt is processed by the acid material, is now a variety of reinforcing materials series products, which in addition to having good physical and mechanical properties, but also has excellent chemical medium resistance, can be widely used in chemical plants, fertilizer plants and other acid, alkaline material handling corrosive environment, mainly for the next oil industry, chemical industry and other special circumstances the use of the design.

Above the conveyor belt also can not make herringbone transportation of materials, surface pit conveyor belt, according to the shape can be divided into: pit surface pattern, herringbone pattern, character pattern, V word pattern, fish bone pattern, cylindrical pattern, etc., pattern shape, height, spacing can be designed according to user requirements.

Another big dip waveform wall, partitions endless conveyor belt, lifting belt.

Endless conveyor belt

Structure: with a core made of high quality cotton or cotton mixed dimensional canvas, usually 2-6 layer or make a strong layer NN-200 nylon canvas (or polyester canvas) The Company may require the production of appropriate length according to the customer, width. and endless belt thickness.

Features: belt loop means the production process have been made endless conveyor belt conveyor belt, which is characterized by streets with a core body strength at the strength of up to 80% of the tape, the tape surface without obvious connection defects, so the tape even turn smooth, using small elongation.