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Hall Sensor IC OH443 For High Temperature

Hall Sensor IC OH443 For High Temperature
  • Hall Sensor IC OH443 For High Temperature
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OH443 high-temperature Hall switch circuit OH443 download

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Overview : OH443 high-temperature Hall unipolar switch circuit by the regulator, Hall- film, differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger and output stage under the influence of an external magnetic field, when the magnetic flux density exceeds the turn-on threshold BOP, Hall. after the circuit output MOSFET, output low ., B to add, remains an on-state. If the value of the applied magnetic field B is reduced to BRP, the output MOSFET is off, the output high .

Features : stable performance, high reliability, good temperature performance, anti-interference ability, load current

Can be achieved: non -contact switch, position / speed detection and control, traffic detection

Typical application areas : brushless motor, household appliances, automotive electronics

Limit parameters : (TA = 25 ℃)

Supply voltage VCC````````4-30V
Output load current IO```````50mA

Operating temperature range TA``````````````` -40 ~ 150 ℃
Storage temperature range TS `` `` `` `` -55 ~ 150 ℃

Magneto-electric conversion characteristic diagram :

Function block diagram :