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Hall Sensor IC Unipolar OH137

Hall Sensor IC Unipolar OH137
  • Hall Sensor IC Unipolar OH137
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OH137 Hall unipolar switch circuit

Ordering Information:

Model: OH137 Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85 ℃ Package: TO-92S Packaging: 1,000 / bag

OH137 Hall switch circuit is intended to apply customer requirements development and production of low-cost high-performance products, and its wide range of applications, reliable performance and stability. Circuit internally by reverse voltage protection, voltage regulator, Hall-voltage generator, differential amplifier , Schmitt trigger and open collector output stage, can change the magnetic field signal into digital voltage output.

Product consistency, sensitivity can be customized according to customer requirements, circuits can be directly interfaces and various logic circuits

Can be realized:
Non-contact switch, position detection, speed detection, flow detection

Typical fields of application:
Automation and control brushless DC motors, appliances, sewing machines, textile machinery, encoders, security alarm devices, etc.

Limit parameters: (TA = 25 ℃)
Supply voltage output load current IO````````````25mA VCC```````````4.5-24V
Operating temperature range TA `` `` `` -40 ~ 85 ℃ Storage temperature range TS `` `` `` `` `` `` -55 ~ 150 ℃

Magneto-electric conversion characteristic diagram:

Function block diagram:

Electrical characteristics: TA = 25 ℃

Magnetic characteristics: (VCC = 4.5 ~ 24V) 1mT = 10GS

Test circuit:

Tube legs: 1. Power 3. Output 2. ground

1) When installing circuit to minimize the mechanical stress on the housing or applied to the lead.
2) Soldering temperature should be lower than 260 ℃, less than 3 seconds.
3) circuit is OC output, you need between 13 and leg (power and output) plus a pull-up resistor. Pullup resistor with voltage, current through the circuit.

Dimensions Figure: