CR2450 button battery

CR2450 button battery

Product description:

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CR2450 lithium manganese button battery of environmental protection

• Battery Type: CR2450
• Standard voltage: 3.0V;

• termination voltage: 2.0V

• Rated capacity: 550 (MAh)

• Battery Size: Φ24.50 * 5.0 (mm)

• Operating temperature: -10 ℃ - + 60 ℃;

• Storage temperature: -10 ℃ - + 45 ℃;

• Battery Polarity: marked on the bottom '+ (' - 'undeclared)

• Process characteristics: the use of advanced leak fluid technology, with high wear resistance, high temperature materials, wide temperature range, long life with excellent leak resistance, storability and lithium inherent high voltage, thin. ., light weight, small size, than can be large, stable voltage, large current discharge performance, safety and pollution-free, bright and clean appearance and other characteristics compared with other varieties of battery, also has the following strengths: 1. Short Open after momentary voltage recovery fast; 2. better low temperature performance, even at room temperature up to about 60% 3. better storage performance at -40C conditions, normal storage is its annual self-discharge rate ≤2%, the storage period is 5 ordinary batteries times more wide temperature range (-20 ° ~ + 60 °).

• High security: no explosion, no fire and so on.

• Environmental: The company has been implementing the EU 'ROSH' directive, products have passed 'SGS certification, in full compliance with European clients for environmental requirements of the battery.
Main purpose: watches, shoes, lamps, computer motherboards, electronic thermometers, electronic toys, movement, small electronic gifts, Bluetooth wireless products, multi-function wireless remote control, electronic key, card radios, digital products, IC cards, etc.

• Precautions:

A. Because this is a non-rechargeable coin cell battery, so the risk of forced charging will cause leakage or damage to the equipment.

Two batteries of the '+ -' pole should be properly installed in accordance with the direction of the use of equipment specified.

III. Do not short, heat, burning and open the battery.

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