Bay Bridge V1000 | computer access television cable 3 3 + 6 + 9 high-definition computer monitor video cable projector line

Bay Bridge V1000 | computer access television cable 3 3 + 6 + 9 high-definition computer monitor video cable projector line

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tony Bridge
  • Color Category: Blue Black 3 3 + 9 + 6
  • Material: Other / other
  • Service: shop three packs
  • Length: 1 m 1.5 m 1.8 m 2 m 3 m 5 m 8 m 10 m 12 m 15 m 20 m 25 m 30 m

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Product Name: VGA HD cable
Brand: Bay Bridge (B-king Wong Series line)
Model: V1000

Length: 1-30 meters
Connector type: D-sub 15p male / D-sub 15p (commonly known as the vga connector)
Plug Material: Nickel (antioxidant)
Plug housing: Plastic
Conductor: 28AWG oxygen-free copper wire core
Diameter: diameter of about 8.0mm
Shield: 3-layer shielding, internal metal braid shield copper mesh + double magnetic filter (interference)
Extranet: None

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The main purpose

For desktop or laptop with a VGA interface and other input devices connected to TVs, monitors, projectors, video walls, LED display or other display device with a VGA output interface.

Product Introduction

VGA (Video Graphic Array) that is Video Graphics Array, VGA is a D-type interface, also known as D-Sub port, VGA port looks like a 'D', which includes a foolproof case of anti-plug the interface female end of a total of 15 pinhole, male end is 15 needles, each row of five, male and three rows.

VGA graphics interface is the main interface to the output signal, VGA interface itself can transmit VGA, SVGA, XGA etc. Now all formats of any resolution analog RGB + HV signal.

Interior made of oxygen-free copper (OFC), the external diameter 8.0mm, double ring anti-jamming design, it can transmit 30 m no smear, watermarks and so on.

Video format and resolution support

Now graphics and display devices basically support SVGA modes are extended SXGA (1280 × 1024), SXGA + (1400 × 1050), UXGA (1600 × 1200), WXGA (1280 × 768), WXGA + (1440 × 900), signal WSXGA (1600 × 1024), WSXGA + (1680 × 1050), WUXGA (1920 × 1200), WQXGA (2550 × 1600) and other models comply with the VESA standard resolution transmission can be achieved through the VGA connector.

Another shop decoration supporting the use of engineering wiring line dedicated VGA socket line connection with this :( Click the picture to the baby details page)

If the parent is to be used to connect the PC and TV? Then you need an audio cable!
Since the common audio jack on the TV there are two, they need different interfaces audio cable! Please control the audio jack on the TV later!

3 + 9 physical map

Double flux filter: effectively prevent water ripple and noise interference point

Bay Bridge vga line measured 30 meters, no no color filter pattern, no ghosting.

Off and packaging: We advocate the use of environmentally friendly product packaging recyclable, re-use, self-degradation, maximize the protection of our environment, we recommend that you buy goods at the same time concerned about the product packaging is in line with the requirements of environmental conservation this is not only a thrifty, but also a responsibility.

If your computer vga port is not enough, Tony bridge has provided a dispenser, please click on picture: