Panel Light | 6 watt high cost Round Panel Light

Panel Light | 6 watt high cost Round Panel Light

Product description:

Model: MB-6W

Size: 120*120mm

Hole diameter: 110mm

Lamp bead model and quantity: CHIMEI 2835 30pcs

Input voltage: AC90-250V, 50/60HZ

Power: 6W

Lumens: 450-510lm

Pack: 45*175*175

Weight: 416g

Life: over 40000H

Warranty: 2 years

Reason to choose us :

1. Original manufacturer, eight times inspection during production procedure with 24H ageing test, make 100% quality guarantee

2. Purity 95.5% anodic oxidation aluminum alloy heat sink, AL PCB with series-parallel circuit design, ensure each LEDs working steadily under most efficient power.

3. Excellent PMMA Guide light plate with high transmittance and hazed optical PC diffuser plate, enhance the exchange efficiency, through multi-reflection and refraction, emitting very comfortable and soft light.

4. Extermal isolated constant current driver, more safety, instant soft start, no flicker and dazzle.

5. Epistar/ Lumenmax SMD LED with good encapsulation, lead to high brightness and good CRI (70) ,extending the lifespan of LEDs.

6. Good workmanship, aesthetically pleasing.