Bulb highlighted 5730SMD 3W Bulb

Bulb highlighted 5730SMD 3W Bulb

Product description:

3W super highlight bulb light

Light source: LED

Size: 45*90mm

Base type: E27

Power: 3W

Lamp bead model / quantity: CHIMEI 5730/6PCS

Input: AC110-240V, 50/60HZ

Almens: 195-240lm

Beam angle: 120degrees

Surface color: white or warm white

Power factor: 0.9

CRI (Ra) ) : 70

Work temperature: -10~+40degree

Pack size: 55*55*100

Warranty: 1year

Characteristic: plastic shell, but there are aluminum radiator

Reason to choose us:

1. Use high brightness , long life SMD LED, no light harm.

2. Power efficiency) 70% CRI) 70%

3. Built-in switchingpower supply, input wide voltage: 110-240V.

Low weight, safe, long life, high load efficiency, and working stability.

4. Low consumption, saving 60% energy than the electric energy saving lamp with same luminous.

5. Low light declines, the life span is up to 15000hours, is several times longer than incandescent lamp.

6. LED cold light source, less calorific value, not hot effect reaction (do not produce CO2) and infrared secondary pollution.

7. Beautiful and generous appearance design, easy to use.