CSVision: Professional Central Management Software for Middle and Large scale, multiple sites IP Surveillance

CSVision: Professional Central Management Software for Middle and Large scale, multiple sites IP Surveillance

Product description:

4 Screens Browsing Supported
• Via one client end computer, user can manage up t• 4 monitors at the same time.
• Each monitor can independently display the real time browsing interface, recording playback interface, digital full-view editing, and configuration window.

Digital Full Extent View (digital full-view editing)
• User can easily put 4 vide• images from different cameras in t• one full extent view, which can provide a whole picture of the scene and make it easier t• find out potential risk.
• In the meantime, resolve the issue of unclear image caused by image to• small.

PTZ Control on Screen
• Use mouse t• circle certain area on the vide• image, the PTZ can adjust its gesture t• turn t• that area and aut• -focus as well.

Multiple Level e-Map
• Via multiple level e-Map, every camera can be accurately located, and als• the information of each camera can be retrieved.
• e-Map integrated with the alarm equipment, the security team can get the live situation and location of the alarm spot when there is an alarm triggered.

Image Enhance
• During bad weather (such as rainy, foggy, sandy and dark weather) , using mouse t• circle certain area on the not-s• -clear vide• image, the image quality of this area can be enhanced, getting more clear and less affected by the weather.

Recorded Vide• File Snapshot Index
• User can take snapshots on any recorded vide• file based on a certain time interval, and search for the images needed, and repeat till find the exact moment the activity happened.
• Via this function, less than 5 minutes are needed t• search in a 24 hours long vide• recording. It saves time and effort for the operator.

Real Time Playback
• Under real time browsing mode, the previous 10 minutes can be instantly played back.
• When not recording setup and there is an emergency, user can playback and then save the playback as evidence for future use.

Recording Bookmark
• Text bookmark can be added t• certain time spot on the vide• , when sharing, the text bookmark can be seen.
• Bookmarks can be indexed and by searching via bookmarks, certain time spot can be immediately found in the recording.

Joint Alarm
• Email joint alarm
• Cell phone joint alarm

Data Integration
• Temperature and moisture integrated
• Door security data integrated
• POS data integrated
• Alarm message integrated
• Support integration with industry data
Other Functions
• Vide• playback based on timeline
• Recording plan template management
• User group management
• Vide• forwarding priority management
• Instant messaging
• Desktop sharing
• Audi• conference
• Multiple locations audi• monitoring
• PTZ priority scheduling
• Vide• file disk burning
• Image snapshot printingData Integrationstrong