Supply of the East into the filter 2.0058H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth hydraulic oil filter

Supply of the East into the filter 2.0058H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth hydraulic oil filter

Product description:

Brand: East into the filter type: 2.0058H10XL-A00-0-M
  • Materials: Metal fibers
  • Filter Type: Folded filter
  • use: Oil impurities
  • Scope: filter
  • specification: 2.0058H10XL-A00-0-M
Detailed description:

East into the filter 2.0058H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth hydraulic oil filter - Wang: 15090316524 qq: 1551704533

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Rexroth filter 2.0058H10XL-A00-0-M Rexroth filter 2.0400H10XL-B00-0-M