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Supply east into HP0653A06AN MP FILTRI filter cartridge

Supply east into HP0653A06AN MP FILTRI filter cartridge
  • Supply east into HP0653A06AN MP FILTRI filter cartridge
Product code: 23954200001
Unit price: 100 CNY  (14.54 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand: East into the filter type: HP0653A06AN
  • Materials: Metal fibers
  • Filter Type: Folded filter
  • use: Oil impurities
  • Scope: filter
  • specification: HP0653A06AN
Detailed description:

HP0653A06AN MP FILTRI filter - Xinxiang City, east into Filter Co., Ltd. Contact: Wang Tel: 15090316524 qq: 1551704533 Want: xxdclq.

HP0653A06AN MP FILTRI filter characteristics:

1, sub-section with high pressure, medium pressure section with back and an oil segment with the segment with

2, sub-high school low accuracy class 2 -. 5um high precision 10 -. 15um to medium accuracy 15 -. 25um to low accuracy.

3, Finished Dimensions for the compression filter, increasing the filter area, generally folded corrugated filter layer portion, yeah hydraulic filter pleating height generally 20 mm or less

4, hydraulic filter to withstand pressure is generally 0.35 - 0.4MPa, but individual special filters, required to withstand a pressure differential, the maximum required to withstand 32MPa, 42MPa or equivalent system pressure.

5, the maximum temperature, and some require reach 135 ℃

HP0653A06AN MP FILTRI filter requirements:

1, strength requirements, to produce a complete degree requirements, withstand pressure, to withstand external installation, to withstand pressure alternating load

2, through the oil requirements of smoothness, the flow resistance characteristics

3, resistant to a certain temperature, is compatible with the working medium

4, filter layer fibers can not shift and fall off

5, to carry more dirt

6, high-altitude and cold areas using the normal

7, fatigue, alternating flow fatigue strength under

8, the filter itself to compliance Cleanliness

East into the filter - professional brokers supplier

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Fax: 0373-2618630

Advisory QQ: 1826495270

E-mail: dcfilter001 @ 163 com.

The company's official website: http: //www.xxdclq.com

Ali Homepage: http: // dcfilter001 cn.alibaba.com/.

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