DN15 fire sprinkler head | 68 degrees side spray | sidewall sprinklers | Closed sprinklers

DN15 fire sprinkler head | 68 degrees side spray | sidewall sprinklers | Closed sprinklers

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mountain
  • Model: 2151

A. pendent sprinklers

Pendent sprinklers are widely used kind of head, drooping mounted on the water supply branch pipe, shaped watering for parabolic-type, 80 to 99% of the total amount of water sprayed into the ground. Protection have ceiling of the room below the ceiling arrangement sprinklers should use sprinklers or sagging ceiling sprinklers.

B. Upright sprinklers

Standing upright sprinklers installed on the water supply branch pipe, sprinkler type paraboloid shape, 80 to 99% of the total amount of water sprayed down, but there are still some sprayed ceiling, suitable for installation in mobile was more prone places such as impact warehouse, also in the room can be concealed in the roof of the mezzanine ceiling imposed to protect more combustible ceiling top of boron. (not the ceiling place when the water distribution branch pipe disposed under the beam should be used upright. vulnerable to collision site, should be used with protective cover nozzle or ceiling sprinklers)

In case of fire, fire sprinklers evenly through spilled out of a certain area of ​​the fire control play.

Sprinkler protection area of ​​the smoke alarm protection surface between 10 - 20 sq.

In the 20 square plot

C. Ordinary New sprinklers

Common type sprinklers can be installed directly, can be mounted on the water pipe sagging online, 40% of the total amount of water - the 60% sprayed down, the ceiling applies to the greater part of playing in restaurants, shops, warehouses, underground garage. place. (general type now used less)

D. sidewall sprinklers

Sidewall Sprinkler wall installation, suitable for space piping installation difficult places, mainly used in offices, entrance hall, lounge, corridors, rooms and other dangerous parts of the building light. Roof of the horizontal light risk level, the dangerous level class I office and bedroom, can be sidewall sprinklers.

Referring to the above can be GB50084-2001, automatic sprinkler system design specifications

5, the installation
5.1, there is within the ceiling of the building use, the company can provide a complete set of decorative plate or head protection cover.
5.2, install sprinklers should be supporting the use of the company's special wrench.
5.3, the installation, if found to have leaks, not sealed, replace the nozzle, is strictly prohibited sleeve mounted on board hands because the installation force is too large, it can make the head deformed leak.
5.4, ​​the nozzle can not be installed to ensure sealing, check the pipe threads, if failed, please be repaired or replaced, the repair is prohibited connecting thread on the nozzle.
5.5, the installation diagram is as follows: