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DN15 fire sprinklers | 68 degree side spray | side wall type nozzle | closed sprinkler head

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A. Droop type sprinkler

Droop-type nozzle is the use of a wide range of nozzles, sagging installed in the water branch pipe, the shape of a water-throwing parabolic, 80-99% of the total water sprayed to the ground.To protect the room ceiling, the ceiling below the nozzle, should The use of droop-type nozzle or ceiling-type nozzle.

B. Upright sprinklers

Vertical spray nozzle installed in the water branch pipe, sprinkling the shape of a parabolic type, the total water volume of 80 ~ 99% down spray, while part of the spray to the ceiling, suitable for installation in moving more, prone to impact sites Warehouses, can also be concealed in the roof of the room ceiling to protect the more combustible roof ceiling boron. (Do not do the ceiling of the place, when the distribution branch pipes arranged under the beam should be used upright. Parts, should be used with protective cover nozzle or ceiling-type nozzle)

In the event of fire, the fire water sprinkles evenly through the sprinkler, and controls the fire in a certain area.

Spray protection area in the 10 - 20 square between the smoke alarm protection surface

Plot in the 20 square

C. Ordinary new sprinklers

General type sprinkler can be directly installed, but also drooping installed in the water pipe network, the total water volume of 40% - 60% down spray, spray the larger part of the ceiling. For restaurants, shops, warehouses, underground garage, etc. Place. (Ordinary type is now used less)

D. side wall sprinkler

Side wall type sprinkler wall-mounted, suitable for space installation difficult places, mainly for offices, foyers, lounges, corridor rooms and other light-dangerous building parts.Table for the level of light-dangerous level, the risk level I-class rooms and offices, can be used side-wall type nozzle.

Above can refer to GB50084-2001, automatic sprinkler system design specifications

5, the installation
5.1, in a ceiling with the use of the building, the company can provide a matching decorative plate or nozzle protective cover.
5.2, nozzle installation should be used in the production of the company's dedicated wrench.
5.3, installation, if found to leak, not sealed, then replace the nozzle, is strictly prohibited in the wrench on the wrench to install, because the installation force is too large, the nozzle deformation and leakage.
5.4, ​​nozzle installation can not guarantee the seal, please check the pipe thread, if not qualified, please repair or replace the nozzle is prohibited on the repair connection thread.
5.5, the installation diagram is as follows: