PE film raw materials for sanitary napkins

PE film raw materials for sanitary napkins

Product description:

PE film raw materials for sanitary napkins

We are Zhejiang Hangao, we can manufacturing various color PE non-breathable film according to the customers requirements for baby & adult diaper and sanitary napkin back sheet


Commodity: PE non-breathable film (greater than 16 g/ m2 and less than 20g/ m2 )

Base weight deviation: 2 g/ m2

Width Deviation: 2mm

Tension strength: MD greater than 10.0N/ 25mm

Elongation: MD greater than 100%

Moisture permeability: greater than2500gsm/ 24. hr

Water-resistance: greater than 5 k Pa

PH Index: less than10


Our company mainly manufactures a wide range of disposal hygienic items, especially for women and children, medical fields like operating coats, protective suits and medical mats, waterproof and breathable construction materials, agricultural, mulch films, fruits covers and farming films.


1. Non-toxic, tasteless and harmless to human

2. Super soft and silk hand feeling

3. Max 6 color printed, or can be colored with any common color

4. Excellent elasticity properties

5. Best physical properties