ES thermal bond nonwoven fabric for top sheet

ES thermal bond nonwoven fabric for top sheet

Product description:

ES thermal bond nonwoven fabric-for sanitary napkin, diaper's top sheet

Feature: hydrophilic, breathable, soft, fluffy, eco-friendly, comfortable.

ES thermal bond nonwoven is widely used in disposable hygienic products, air filter, wet wipes and so on.

We can supply different types ES thermal bond nonwoven fabric.

We are Zhejiang Sanxiang (manufacturer) ,

we specialize in various nonwoven, SS hydrophilic nonwoven, ES thermal bond nonwoven.

ES hot air through nonwoven, SMS hydrophobic nonwoven, SMMS hydrophobic nonwoven.

SS hydrophobic nonwoven, ADL nonwoven, front tap nonwoven and so on.

Our company's idea is

to establish one-stop purchase center for disposable medical and hygienic products.