Cable pulley | crane power supply system operating device | Weihua CH-1

Cable pulley | crane power supply system operating device | Weihua CH-1

Product description:

Weihua supply 20 electric trolley

Henan Weihua Supply CH-cable pulley Description:

CH cable pulley series as a conductive form of crane trolley power supply, which consists of walking round, frame, pallet composition, the flexible cable

Fixed on the pallet, and the cable pulley by the traction frame synchronization, in order to achieve the purpose of the car power supply.

CH series cable pulley into the load type, heavy duty, and light load type, so to go round to tackle two Ф80, Ф60 and commitments

Cables carrying capacity type CH-1 ≤50 kg, type CH-2 ≤70 kg. CH-3 type ≤120 kg, type CH-4 ≤200 kg, according to

Pallet layers is divided into single, double, each class has three forms, the first end of the cable tractor, the terminal is a fixed frame hung in the middle of electricity

Cable pulley.

1, the fixed thread rack installed, should be hung behind a shutter.

2, adjust the tractor so that the car throughout the journey and do not touch the upper and lower edges of the traction hole as well.

3, the cable length is 1.2 crane span doubly eight meters.

4, adjusting the traction rope, its length is less than the same section of cable length, wire rope by the traction force runtime.

5, when the diameter ranging from cable, cable clips should be between a soft rubber pad, it is substantially the same outer diameter, so that the cable clamp.

6, cloth cable, you should consider the force balance on both sides of the cable tray.

7, when the cable pulley to the second floor, the same requirements.

8, double gasket on the block device for the adjustment of the washer, when the rail is inappropriate, the washer on the inside of the fixing plate to adjust gauge

Width, the factory by rail is 100 * 68 120 * 70 140 * 80 160 * 88 manufacturing.

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